Slice of Life is Here!

Pumpkin Spice, crisp crunchy leaves on the pavement, a hint of chill in the air – I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Autumn is right around the corner. My newest collection from American Crafts, Slice of Life, is all about celebrating the cool crisp vibes in the most colorful, vibrant way possible. I walk through the entire collection in a YouTube video item-by-item so you can see everything for yourself.  I hope you *fall* for it as hard as I did.

Slice of Life is Here

I wanted something to encapsulate the bright, warmth of fall, so this collection features a whimsical set of icons and images. Think of laid back, crisp Autumn days, cozy striped sweaters, comfort food and fall foliage. I’m going to give you a glimpse of each item in the collection. I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous things you all will create with Slice of Life. Hopefully, you have time to check out the video or even better yet– make a bee-line to your closest local crafts store and see the items for yourself. If not, I’m including three highlights from the collection here: 

Slice of Life is Here
  1. Paperclips -  Unfortunately, I’m allergic to cats so these adorable bookmarks are the closest I can get to our feline furry friends, so I’ll just go ahead and say that these are just PURRRR fect, hahaha see what I did there?

  2. Acrylic Stamps - Okay so stamping is a bit of an obsession of mine and now I want to share the love. This set of 13 acrylic stamps will help add ink and dimension to your pages – whether you need a tiny paw print, cluster of hearts, or a unique way to say hooray, these are sure to make a good impression. 

  3. Mini puffy stickers - pastries, pets, and pretzels...What’s not to love about this cute sheet of mini puffy stickers? Tiny enough to fit anywhere you might need, this set is a colorful reminder to  look on the bright side, enjoy your tea, and embrace those autumn vibes. 

Slice of Life is Here

For the rest of the collection, be sure to watch the video and stay tuned for more projects using it on my Instagram. Be sure to let me know– what do you think about Slice of Life? Which items are you most excited to try out? Do you have a favorite pattern? I love hearing from you all and seeing the amazing things you create. 

Follow the Fun with Lauren Hom


Did you know that you’re sitting in the driver’s seat of your life and that you have control over exactly where you want to go? On today’s episode, I am joined by Lauren Hom, a designer and letterer based in Detroit. Lauren shares how she overcame her fears and put herself out there, what she’s done to grow her portfolio as a designer and letterer and the importance of doing something you love to fill your creative tank. She talks about the drawbacks of being a freelancer and how most people romanticize what they don’t have. We also discuss how she knew it was time to start building a team and learning to protect her time. 

What’s in this episode:

  • How Amy and Lauren met each other

  • Deciding to work in advertising

  • Starting a hand lettering blog 

  • Quitting her job and pursuing lettering full-time

  • Following your dreams rather than doing what’s practical

  • Lettering for lunch to grow her portfolio

  • Overcoming the fear of putting herself out there

  • Trying something new and ignoring the “what ifs”

  • Knowing that we don’t have to monetize everything

  • Doing something to fill your creative tank

  • The drawbacks of being a freelance creative

  • Her experience of traveling and working

  • Craving what you don’t have

  • Remembering that you’re in the driver’s seat of your life

  • Her weekly challenge design prompts

  • Her experience with building a team and asking for help in her business

  • Recognizing that you can’t do it all

  • Learning to protect her own time

  • Making sure that you’re having fun

  • Knowing that you have the power to get what you want in life 

About Lauren:

I’m a designer and letterer based in Detroit, schooled in New York, and raised in Los Angeles. Known for my bright color palettes, playful letterforms, and quirky copywriting, I’ve had the pleasure of creating work for clients like Starbucks, Google, AT&T, YouTube and TIME Magazine. My work has been recognized by Communication Arts, the Type Directors Club, and the Webby Awards. I’m also the author of the popular blog and book Daily Dishonesty.

I find that I’m happiest when creating, so when I’m not working, you can find me-HAHA, just kidding! When am I not kind of working on something? When I’m not creating clever things for clients, you can find me selling your ex-boyfriend's tears and putting bread on my head.

Connect with Lauren:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Hom Sweet Hom Challenge
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Will Letter for Lunch

I would love to hear from you! Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or on my website. If you enjoyed this podcast and you haven’t already, I’d like to encourage you to subscribe that way you won’t miss a single update. Hope you feel inspired to Craft a Life You Love by following your intuition and steering your life in whichever beautiful direction you want it to go in.

3 Tips for Memory Keeping Like a Pro

After a long (much needed) vacation, I’ve finally begun to upload videos to YouTube again and this first one is a Plan with Me update. The planner I work on is a part of my collaboration with The Happy Planner for their Be Happy Box. My intention was to share how I caught up on the blank spaces in my planner while we were out of town for 3 weeks. I really enjoyed making the video and hanging out with my family as I worked. Of course, you should go watch it and feel creative and inspired. If you can’t watch it immediately or you’re saving it for when you have some time to really sit down with your own planner and work while you watch, here are 3 takeaways from the video you can use right now!

  1. Be a Maximalist. Don’t be afraid to fill up blank spaces. I used to feel discouraged when I’d look back over a week and see so many blank spaces in my planners and journals. To me, they represented failures to log my days “properly.” Now, I get excited when I see them because I realized they’re actually opportunities to add beautiful embellishments and flourishes. Those empty spaces are a blessing in disguise. If you want to be more “true” to the past, you can always journal a little about your experiences in colorful pens or markers to add your own personal touch.

  2. Add dimension. Try out multiple media for a multi-dimensional look and feel. Don’t hold back. You can add stamps, watercolors, stickers, die cuts and washi tape in layers to create the perfect multi-layered masterpiece. The benefit to working through things in layers is that you can always cover up something you don’t like with a sticker or a die.  Just remember that if you’re stamping or using watercolors you need to allow everything to dry carefully before you move on to your next layer. While you wait, you can always work on another page or project. 

  3. Time-saving supplies. Use tools that make it easy and exciting to try for the layout of your dreams. I was so excited to try out The Happy Planner’s box punch for this photo, I couldn’t resist sharing while I worked. If you didn’t see on my Instagram Stories, no worries, I included it in the video. It isn’t just using that specific box punch– although it really is great. Use supplies that get you excited. As a child, I loved going into craft supply stores and seeing all the amazing options. Whether it’s your favorite tape runner, a printer that connects wirelessly to your phone, or a pair of scissors sharp enough to cut cardstock in a single long satisfying swipe, use it! Those supplies can make all the difference in your creative practice. 

I share 5 awesome tips in the video, so be sure to watch on Youtube to see the final two. Whether you just had time for this blog post, or you were able to see the video as well, I hope you feel inspired to continue in your own creative pursuits. Be sure to reach out on social media. I know I’ve been talking about this for a while now, but if I do decide to schedule videos more regularly, what day should I upload? Let me know! I always love to hear back from you all. 

Sharing Your Story With Alisa Burke


As creatives, many of us are waiting for our “big break”. Today I am joined by Alisa Burke, a painter and mixed media artist who seeks to infuse creativity into every part of her life. Alisa shares why you should let go of the expectation of a “big break” and instead work toward the small steps that add up to greatness over time. We chat about using lists to tackle tasks our day to day lives, the importance of listening to your gut and what she does to build an authentic presence online. You’ll hear about how she became resilient, the empowerment that comes with sharing your story and how she keeps things simple in her creative business.

What’s in this episode:

  • Growing up in a creative environment

  • Working day jobs while hustling with her art on the side

  • Letting go of the expectation of a “big break”

  • Learning that the small steps add up the most over time

  • How Alisa handles the chaos

  • How creativity can be overwhelming in your business 

  • Using lists to tackle and accomplish things in her day

  • Her daily routine as a creative business owner

  • Having an idea about teaching art at an affordable price

  • Listening to her gut 

  • The differences between her classes and free videos

  • Keeping things simple in her business

  • Building an authentic online presence and community

  • Figuring out what you like rather than your mentors or teachers like

  • Incorporating children into creativity 

  • How her miscarriages have made her more resilient

  • Healing and working through her grief

  • The empowerment that comes through sharing your story

  • A mantra that helps Alisa through her journey

  • Understanding that good things take time

About Alisa:

Alisa Burke is a freelance painter and mixed media artist who studied fine art at Portland State University. With a background in painting and printmaking, a desire to explore and push materials, Alisa is always looking for new ways to break the rules and redefine art.  She draws inspiration from street art, graffiti, art history and fashion and it is not uncommon to find her digging through the trash in hopes of recycling something unique to use in her artwork.

If she’s not making art in her Oregon Coast studio, you can find painter and mixed media artist Alisa Burke blogging, teaching art workshops or creating her handmade accessories. Whether it's running her creative business, being a mom or adventuring outdoors, she is always looking for inspiration. From drawing, painting and even the way she raises her daughter, Alisa seeks to infuse creativity into every part of her life.

Connect with Alisa:

Website | Instagram


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Forbes Feature! In-Person Events Are The Way To Go

Forbes Feature

Feels so good to be included. I was recently mentioned in an article in Forbes! It was such an incredible moment to see that happen– what a sweet surprise! The article centers on how many YouTubers and Instagramers are now opting for in-person meet-ups and mentioned my Crafternoons almost right away.

Four friends at the first ever Craft A Life You Love Retreat: Kara Elise (@bykaraelise), Kara Barefoot @peacelovedonutsnaplesfl, Alisha Cohen (@alishylishy), and yours truly!

Four friends at the first ever Craft A Life You Love Retreat: Kara Elise (@bykaraelise), Kara Barefoot @peacelovedonutsnaplesfl, Alisha Cohen (@alishylishy), and yours truly!

One of the things I love most about my job is that it allows me to make incredible connections with amazing crafters and like-minded people from all over the world. Something super special happens, when you’re in a room of people who are all united in their desire to make beautiful things, keep memories, and spread positivity. One of the things I would like to do is make in-person events a little more frequent. For example, earlier this year, I was able to host my very first Craft A Life You Love Retreat– hopefully just one of many to come in the future. Alisha has a great recap of it on her blog and so does Kelsey of The Curated Life. I still haven’t been able to fully put the whole thing into words, but I am still working on the YouTube video to share soon. More recently, I released a Plan-With-Me YouTube video. While this isn’t technically an in-person event, it was nice to talk more casually as I worked through a project and shared as I went along. 

Let me know– would you want to attend an in-person event? If you are interested, stay in the loop! Sign up to receive my newsletter, Sweet Slice of Life, right here on the website. Did you see the Forbes piece? What are your thoughts about in-person events?