Big Dreams Daily Joys with Elise Blaha Cripe


No matter your age, it is never too late to start something new that is on your heart or that you’ve been dreaming about. That is one piece of wisdom that today’s guest, Elise Blaha Cripe and I discuss from her book, 100 Pep Talks. 

I am so excited to have Elise on the show today. Elise has been sharing thoughts and DIY projects online since 2005. She has been running an online shop of handmade goods since 2008 and in the past few years, she has launched GET TO WORK BOOK® and self-published a book, 100 Pep Talks. Her new book, Big Dreams and Daily Joys will be releasing this October. We discuss her favorite part of being a scrapbooker, ignoring the voices in your head that tell you that you can’t do something and dealing with critical people.

What’s in this episode:

  • How she got started in her career as a full-time maker

  • How Elise crafts a life that she loves

  • Setting creative goals and following through on them

  • Thinking about your “why” when trying to monetize your hobbies

  • Being honest with herself and her audience

  • How she ended up creating 100 Pep Talks

  • Elise’s main priorities for making her planner

  • Her favorite part about being a scrapbooker

  • Giving people permission to try a craft

  • How it’s never too late to start something new

  • How Amy feels about people being so critical

  • Ignoring the voices in the back of your head

  • Elise’s new book, Big Dreams Daily Joys

  • Being inclusive of everything that's going on behind the scenes

  • Elise’s advice for people who feel the need to get to the end result

  • The craft projects that Elise is obsessed with right now

  • How Elise uses her daily habit tracker

  • Why Elise only checks her email through her computer

  • A quote that Elise is loving right now

About Elise:

I'm Elise and I make stuff. That's who I am and that's my job.

I started a blog in 2005 because I wanted to share my thoughts with the Internet. A year later, I began sharing craft projects and tutorials. In 2008, I opened my first online shop and since then, I have made and sold everything from letterpress prints to wooden plant stands.

Over the years, I have learned that while I'll always make stuff, my true passion is in helping people set and work towards their goals. In 2015, I launched the brand GET TO WORK BOOK® which provides tools to help you get your goals organized and do the work to reach them. I believe that big things happen one day at a time and my products are designed to schedule out those days. You can learn more about GET TO WORK BOOK® and shop the line here.

I live in San Diego, California with my husband, Paul, and our two young daughters, Ellerie and Piper. In fall 2017, I launched a self-paced eCourse about creating with your kiddos. You can learn more about that here.

Connect with Elise:

Website | Instagram | Blog


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Get to Work Book
Big Dreams Daily Joys by Elise Blaha Cripe
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SAVORing the Season


Don’t you remember those incredible summers when you were growing up? Ones that were full of freedom and enjoyment? On today’s solo episode, I am talking about taking the time to savor the most sun and fun of this season. Just because we’re all grown up doesn’t mean our sense of wonder has to end. 

I share why you should lean into fear and learn to embrace yourself for all of your unique quirks. When you allow your unique self to rise to the surface, you will feel more stimulated and alive. Honoring this and loving yourself for it will fuel that little glimmer inside of your soul that allows you to create, design and live your life to its fullest. I also chat about why you should savor the season, set intentions for yourself and the importance of indulging in your adventurous side. 

What’s in this episode:

  • Amy’s memories of her childhood summer

  • Indulge in the more adventurous side of yourself

  • Disconnecting from distractions 

  • The fear of facing struggles on your own

  • Amy’s favorite mantra from her book

  • Choosing to enjoy and savor your life

  • An acronym for the word savor

  • Setting your own intentions for the summer


Craft a Life You Love by Amy Tangerine
Hammer Museum - Hammer Museum - free admission!

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Violeta's Show Time Layout

Violeta's Show Time Layout

Hello! This is Violeta Scrap and today I want to show you a new layout that I have made with the Amy Tangerine’s collection Stay Sweet.

To make this project I have used the pictures of two puppy I have printed in 3x4 inches.

For the base of this project, I have used a patterned paper with details from the collection Stay Sweet and over it I have glued a white cardstock paper of 11.5x11.5 inches. 

Next, I have glued the pictures on the white paper and I have placed some details.  

The patterns of the Stay Sweet collection by Amy Tangerine are wonderful. I have used, among others, one with hedgehog patterns. It is one of my favorites.

To give more color to the layout, I have added some blue watercolor using the new watercolors from Amy Tangerine that are fantastic. It is one of my favorite elements from the new collection Stay Sweet. I really recommend them.

Violeta's Show Time Layout

If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments sections.

See you soon! Tons of love.

Violeta Scrap Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Supplies: Stay Sweet - 12x12 Double Sided Paper -  Prickly hug (351190), On a Whim - 12x12 Double Sided Paper -  In good company (378730), Stay Sweet - Sticker Book (351208), Stay Sweet - Enamel Stickers (351212) Stay Sweet - Watercolor Set (351199)

Thanks so much for sharing this adorable layout, Violeta! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop STAY SWEET now! Check your local retailer and online at Simon Says Stamp and

Beginning Your Inner Work with Heidi Stevens


If you’re feeling stuck in your 9 to 5 or you keep toying with the idea of turning your side hustle a full-time gig then this is the episode is for you. 

What does it feel like to break through the conventional path set out for you and chase after a dream? It’s very different for everyone but many people experience a certain amount of fear. After all, it isn’t easy to embrace those big unknowns in the beginning. Today I am joined by my friend, Heidi Stevens, an entrepreneur who built a 7-figure real estate business but couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. Heidi transitioned to being a soulful business coach and hasn’t looked back since. We discuss what it was like for her to transition into this new role, how she realized it was time to step out of the real estate business and the importance of setting intentions for your life.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Heidi transitioned from the real estate industry to soulful business coaching

  • Hiring a mentor to help her begin coaching

  • Merging her real estate business 

  • Realizing she had to step out of the business

  • The first steps to take to begin your inner work

  • Collaborating with other women

  • Setting intentions for your life

  • Heidi’s non-negotiables for crafting a life she loves

  • Giving yourself space and scheduling a pause

  • A quote that helps Heidi in times of challenge

  • Finding inspiration and taking action

There is so much to be gained from our conversation and if you already listened (and loved what you heard) I have good news– I was actually a guest on Heidi’s podcast The Soul of Business and you can tune into that conversation here.

Beginning Your Inner Work with Heidi Stevens

About Heidi:

Heidi Stevens is a soulful business coach for service-based creative entrepreneurs.

In her one-on-one work with clients and through her transformative Thrive program, Heidi supports women in getting clear on their strategy, up-leveling their mindset, and tuning into their spirituality.

Over the past decade, Heidi built one of the most successful real estate firms in Los Angeles, alongside Kenny, her partner in business and in life. The two grew the firm to a multiple 7-figure business, and Heidi built and trained a team of more than fifteen people. Despite her professional success, her life felt divided. During the week, Heidi was managing her team and closing deals. Then, on the weekends, she’d step into the spiritual side of herself — attending personal development workshops, working with coaches and healers, and getting her Masters in Spiritual Psychology. 

Heidi noticed that the more she leaned into meditation, mindset work, and manifestation exercises, the more successful her business became. She realized business strategy and spirituality were closely aligned and one could inform the other. Heidi wanted to help other women discover this connection and use it to strengthen and grow their businesses and create more easeful, prosperous lives.

Over the past two years, Heidi has mentored more than a hundred women through phases of concentrated growth — both through her private client work and her group program, Thrive. She has helped them find more outward success, inner harmony, and overall growth.

Connect with Heidi:

Website | Instagram | Facebook

I would love to hear from you! Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram or on my website. If you enjoyed this podcast and you haven’t already, I’d like to encourage you to subscribe that way you won’t miss a single update. Craft a Life You Love by taking a small step toward turning happiness by choosing progress over perfection.

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Brush Lettering Workshop is back!

Create room quote

Exciting news. We’re back! After a bit of a hiatus to focus on many other projects, I am so pleased to announce that my modern brush lettering course is back by popular demand! So many of you have been asking about learning brush lettering and we have decided to re-release it for a limited time! It’s totally self-paced and available here. The course is something I worked hard to create a few years ago (here’s the blog post from the initial launch) and now, I’m so happy to say that you can now access all the videos and downloadable workbook once again. (If you have already purchased the course, then you will be able to access it again using the same links and logins as before.)

Many of you ask about my handwriting and want to know how I developed my style. The short answer is practice, practice, practice. The longer answer is that handwriting is all about muscle memory, which means that anyone (yes YOU) can have amazing handwriting. Now, you may not be sure how much to practice or where to even begin, which is where my class comes in handy. (Get it?!) The best part is that you don’t have to wait until I come teach an event somewhere nearby. You can start learning as soon as you complete your purchase. All you need to have is a wifi connection and a little spare time on your hands. Why not make this month or this summer a time for learning a new skill?

Before you get started, I need you to make a commitment right now– let go of any negative self talk or perfectionism. There are so many different approaches and styles when it comes to hand lettering and brush script. In this class, I go over techniques for forming letters with the tools that will help you create and define a style that’s all your own. You’ll learn the basics and how to gain confidence using my favorite supplies. You aren’t going to walk away with perfect handwriting right away, but you will have a better defined sense of your own style and maybe a new approach. So, what are you waiting for?!? Better lettering is just a few clicks away!


Also - For three days only, when you buy a DreamBox, (you already know how much I love mine - here’s a video) you’ll get a free crown ($300 value) plus free shipping! Use my code AMYTANGERINE10 and the first 10 people will also receive a free ScrapMaBox accessory too!