New Collection: Slice of Life!

Can you believe it’s that time again to share the news about another collection with American Crafts?! Slice of Life feels like we’ve put a fresh twist on the richness and fullness of the everyday.

Announcing Slice of Life
Announcing Slice of Life
Announcing Slice of Life

We will be sure to share when this hits stores too. In the meantime feel free to ask your local stores about carrying the collection. Let us know what you think about Slice of Lice and what your favorite pieces are!

One Little Word with Ali Edwards


Do you have a mantra or word that you live by? For me, there is something so powerful in choosing a word that can be a focal point to help guide your life’s journey.

On today’s episode, I am joined by Ali Edwards, designer, blogger, workshop instructor and author. We chat about choosing a word to keep you accountable in all aspects of your life and how having a word helps you to embrace the grey areas. I always love talking to Ali, she's such a real, authentic and encouraging force. She is someone that I have admired for so many reasons and I am sure that many of you have too. We also discuss owning your story and celebrating it, being okay with being a beginner, and recognizing the importance of words in your life and the impact that they can bring to strengthen relationships.

What’s in this episode:

  • Where Ali’s passion for storytelling came from

  • How her aesthetic has changed and simplified

  • Leading with your story

  • Why Ali started a workshop

  • Choosing a word to lead your life

  • Becoming more aware of your habits and tracking them

  • Finding solutions that fit you and your lifestyle

  • How she started with her scrapbooking events

  • Being vulnerable and brave when sharing

  • How Ali crafts a life she loves by saying “no”

  • Having a trusted person to push you toward growth

  • Creating boundaries for your work and life

  • Focusing on your health

  • Owning your story and celebrating it

About Ali:

Ali Edwards' passion resides in that very special place where the stories and images of life intersect.

Designer, blogger, workshop instructor, and author of four books about memory keeping, Ali is well known for authentically capturing everyday life with photos and words and creating memory keeping projects from those moments that pass by in an instant.

Guided by simple principles such as not making things more complicated than they need to be, focusing on the things that matter most and embracing imperfection, Ali Edwards is proud to be a work in progress.

She believes without a doubt that there's no right or wrong way to do all this, that the real stories are worth telling, and there's a whole lot of celebrating to do even in the midst of the challenging pieces of life.

Since 2004, Ali Edwards blog, workshops and memory keeping projects have inspired tens of thousands of people to share their own stories and enrich their own lives through the process.

Ali lives in Eugene, Oregon with her two children and their cat George Washington.

Connect with Ali:

Website | Facebook | Personal Instagram | Wellness Instagram | Business Instagram

Ali's Shop (Use my code AMYTAN15 for 15% off)

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Family Fun and Go Wild Vegas 2019

Family Fun and Go Wild

The past few months have been packed with all kinds of incredible adventures and since I’ve started focusing on the word “savor”, I’ve been intentional about my work and family time fusing in the best ways. I wanted to share some highlights from my time in Vegas last month. It was a trip full of firsts. It was my first time at the Go Wild conference, my first time at the Grand Canyon and my first time riding in a helicopter. All in all, it was an incredible time. I wanted to share three highlights from the trip:

Family Fun and Go Wild

1. Helicopter Tour There was nothing better than seeing the sights from great heights! Jack, JC, and I experienced the Grand Canyon from inside a helicopter and it was amazing. I loved this experience and recorded the whole thing on video.

Family Fun and Go Wild

2. Go Wild. What is Go Wild? It’s an incredible event that brings planners (from all over the world) together. People who attend can join others who share the same passion for planning for amazing sessions, goal-setting, inspiration and more. It was the 4th annual conference and as a first timer, I plan on being there every year from now on. Also, the swag bags are beyond incredible. The enthusiasm of everyone in attendance (lining up before 6 AM just to get in the door)

Family Fun and Go Wild

3. Sharing the HARMONY principle and sitting on the panel. Even though I had to turn right around and fly to a wedding in Pittsburgh, I really enjoyed getting to share the principle with a room full of 1400 enthusiastic, positive people. The community at Go Wild was so infectious and fun. The next time I go, I’ll definitely try to be there the whole conference.

Family Fun and Go Wild

Here’s the video:

The Beauty of Life’s Moments with Stacy Julian


When you are going through your day to day life, be sure to remember to tap into the beauty of the little moments. Often times, it’s easy to forget that rainbows only come after a storm. That is exactly what we are going to be chatting about with today’s guest, Stacy Julian.

Stacy is a friend of mine whom I met several years back after reaching out to her to meet in person at CHA. Then I was able to be a part of her event, 12.12.12 with Big Picture Classes, in Maui. Spending time with Stacy always brightens my day because I love that she is so open to sharing not only the shiny, happy moments but also to sharing the ones where she grew from struggles and challenges. On this episode, she shares how she got into scrapbooking and pioneered the Library of Memories. We also chat about letting go of what no longer serves you and the power that comes from women collaborating with other women.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Stacy came across the opportunity to start a magazine

  • Reflecting your memories on paper

  • How Stacy knew that she wanted to pivot careers

  • The realization that Stacy came to when she began scrapbooking

  • The system Stacy pioneered as a way to organize photos

  • How Amy got into scrapbooking

  • Learning to let go of things that no longer serve you

  • The transition of selling her company and moving forward

  • Getting out of your comfort zone and feeling the joy you deserve

  • What can happen when women come together

  • Advice Stacy would give to her younger self

From Stacy:

Hi. I'm Stacy.

I have BIG ideas and lots of happy plans to go and see and do.

I adore stories and color and my family and really dark chocolate—all of these things, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I believe in God and good people.

I take pictures and I use them and share them.

Whether it’s scrapbooking or family history or blogging—I especially delight in using my pictures to connect people, places and things across time.

I love to teach and to travel and to come home.

I start projects and I make piles.

Connect with Stacy:

Website | Facebook | Instagram


Exactly Enough Time
Big Picture Classes
Creating Keepsakes

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Be Happy Launch Party!!

Be Happy Launch Party

The feedback and excitement over my Be Happy Box collaboration with The Happy Planner has been so amazing. Your enthusiasm and happiness has meant the world to me. That’s why when the team suggested months ago that we kick off the box with an official launch party, I said yes!! The only thing that would have made it more perfect is if the venue was big enough to hold everyone who wanted to come. If you haven’t seen my walkthrough of the box and its contents, be sure to check that out here. And remember, if you grab your box before Wednesday, June 12 at 11:59pm and use code AMYTANGERINE, you’ll get 20% off your entire purchase. Plus domestic orders over $75 ship free!

Be Happy Launch Party

The Happy Planner played the hostess(es) with the mostest. They organized some of our favorite vendors as well as a small number of excited fans who won tickets to the event. (It totally pays to watch our Instagram Stories you guys!). Highlights from the afternoon included aura readings, cocktails, delicious food and time well-spent watercoloring together. We even finished off the event with an ice cream sundae bar. I wanted to share highlights and photos from the party.

I absolutely loved the venue and menu. My dear friend Kara Elise was the architect behind all the incredible food served at brunch. Guests could not stop talking about all the delicious options she created and we got to enjoy them on the lovely Geese & Ganders plates. The venue FESTOON LA was the perfect backdrop and the Happy Planner team absolutely nailed the decor. People were swooning over the bouquets and balloon creations that brought everything together. We talked and sipped some amazing (themed!) drinks from Coastal Cockails or for those who needed an energy boost, delicious cold brew from SloBru Craft Coffee.

Be Happy Launch Party

You all know how firmly I believe in the crafting community– when people come together to create, beautiful things can happen. That’s why I made time in the schedule for people to watercolor and just enjoy spending part of their afternoon creatively. We used products from Ooly to paint.  In addition to the things they made, guests also got to walk away with beautiful cards where their auras were read and selfies under a gorgeous neon sign.

Be Happy Launch Party
Be Happy Launch Party

Overall, I had an incredible time connecting with so many amazing creatives and couldn’t believe how quickly it all went by. Looking back on the event, I’m struck by how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded, positive people who enhance each other’s creativity. I love that we were able to come together to create this incredible party with the best energy.

Be Happy Launch Party

Have you had a chance to check out my Be Happy Box? Will you throw any awesome summer events for family and friends? If you do, be sure to surround yourself with awesome people and take lots and lots of photos.

Be Happy Launch Party

Thanks to everyone who made this whole thing possible:

The Happy Planner

Florals: Francesca Staggs

Brunch: Kara Elise

Plates, Napkins, Cups and Utensils: Geese & Ganders

Welcome Sign: Alana Yarbrough

Workshop Materials: OOLY

Drinks: Coastal Cocktails

Coffee: SloBru Craft Coffee

Aura Photography: AURAGAMI



Neon Light: Narwall

Rentals: YEAH! Rentals

Sweet Treats: Tillamook and Double Good

Photography: Ographr