Jack loves his books!

Jack Loves His Books!

People often ask me what I’m reading and what books I’m loving most. Funnily enough, a good portion of the books I read these days are not necessarily for me, but for a 5 year old. It’s a true gift for an author to be able to appeal to both the parent and child, especially since many of the books we read are read not just once, but sometimes hundreds of times. Although Jack has mastered his ABC’s, he’s not quite ready to move on to reading books by himself, he is reading and recognizing certain words! Jack’s taste in books has changed quite a bit over the years. Luckily, thanks to gifts from close family and friends, our little library has grown to keep up with him! I thought I would go ahead and share a list of Jack’s favorites right now and what he likes about them.

Jack Loves His Books

Meet the Artist: David Hockney

Why Jack likes it: This book covers the life of an amazing artist and it includes so many fun ideas and activities for a budding artist.

Iggy Peck Architect

Why Jack likes it: It’s so creative and it rhymes. Iggy builds incredible things out of unusual materials — like a bridge out of diapers! Jack loves the hyjinx and gets lots of laughs from a heartwarming story about a boy who stands up for what he loves.

Iggy Peck’s Big Project Book for Architects

Why Jack likes it: This book is so hands-on. There are activities, drawing prompts and challenges! Plus, Iggy’s adventures as an unusual architect continue.

Vegetables in Underwear

Why Jack likes it: the words rhyme, the illustrations are so cute, and of course what 5-year-old boy doesn’t love talking about underwear?!?

Once Upon A Time by Guridi

Why Jack likes it: The real draw here are the cute illustrations…. I mean, just look at that little mustache. Plus it’s kind of a cliffhanger, but if I am being completely honest, this one isn’t my favorite to read over and over again.

Star Wars Block: This is a complete guide to a Galaxy far far away.

Why Jack Likes It: All the characters! With this book, Jack feels like the force is always with him!

Jack Loves His Books

Do you and your little ones have any favorite reads? Be sure to pass along recommendations!

On the Crafty A** Female Podcast!!

Time to Get Crafty

SO excited to have been invited by the ladies of Crafty Ass Female to be a guest on their podcast! It was such a blast.

The three of us discussed all sorts of awesome things and played games— including “my therapist said…” and talked about how to let go of negativity in our lives. We talk about doing life ‘out of order’, having a positive outlook, how I’m working smarter not harder, and more. When they asked me about my definition of success, I said that it’s an idea that has changed and shifted over time for me:

“…Success to me has just always kind of been ‘GO GO GO’ and what I realized is, you know, true success is when you can do what you want, and if that means take a pause and say ‘hey, you know what? I’m just not feeling that good today’ or ‘I’m not feeling like doing that today, I need to take a wellness day and just go and sit at the park, or just get my paints out and do something just for me’…and I think that’s okay…I think that’s my definition of success lately…”

There was so much more awesomeness in our conversation and I encouraged you to check it out! Be sure to let me know what you think! They also chose my book Craft a Life You Love as their book club pick of the season, which is just so amazing. Hope you get a chance to listen and be sure to let Amanda and Kristin know what you thought of the episode! XO!

Featured on Raven + Lily

Raven and Lily

“When women move forward, the world moves with them.” – African Proverb

I was so inspired to be featured in Raven and Lily’s site and journal. We all have that one pair of earrings or necklace that gets all the compliments and catches people’s attention. Raven and Lily’s Zia earrings are like that for me. Whenever I wear them, I get so many comments and questions. Even though they’re a larger size, they are light as a feather and so comfy it feels like there’s nothing weighing me down. Jewelry that is beautiful, unique, and comfortable?? Sign me up! That’s why I am so thrilled to share my feature in @ravenandlily's Fall campaign.

I'm giving away a gold pair of the Zia earrings along with an Ellsworth ring and Essential bangle on my Instagram post.

Raven and Lily

The best part about each of these pieces is that they are lovingly handmade by women artisans, all of whom earn a living wage and an opportunity to provide for their families by creating these beautiful items. I love it when I get to partner with companies that do their best to make a difference in the world and support women across the globe. That’s why I wanted to share a quote from their website. It sums up so perfectly why it’s such a great company:

“Raven + Lily  believes in empowering women. When women are empowered to earn an income, they reinvest 90% of their income back into health,  education, food, children, family, and the community. Our partners set the price we pay, ensuring a livable wage. This empowers the 1500+ women employed by our work to break the cycle of poverty through equitable trade and open communication. We research the source of our materials, down to the button in order to understand how our production cycle impacts people and the planet at every stage. By using recycled or repurposed materials, we stop the waste that typically accompanies the industry.”

Copy of 20180123-A05A7243.jpg

Hopefully, you feel inspired to check out the brand and enter the giveaway.

Altenew Washi Tape Release Blog Hop + GIVEAWAY!

Altenew September 2018 Washi Tape Release

One of the main things I love about the internet is that if you're ever feeling low on inspiration, bright shiny ideas are just a Google search away. In this case, things are even easier than that because this is a Blog Hop! I'm so excited to be part of Altenew's Washi Tape Release Blog hop. If you’re coming from A Rare Ruby and you’re new here - welcome! Please check out the other blogs in the hop and see the amazing creations people are coming up with all these beautiful tapes.

These washi tapes are so colorful and interesting. When I say they are out of this world, I’m not exaggerating. The second I saw them, I was already planning out new and exciting things to try with them! They come in so many different widths and patterns, you could use one for literally *any* occasion. I used them in three very different projects with incredible results— you can see for yourself below. The first was a scrapbooking page that I created layering the beautiful, cosmically themed washi tapes and placing photos around them later. The effect is so rich and multi-dimensional. I added some doodles, stamping, and hand-lettering to finish it all and really bring the vibrant pinks, purples, and golds together.

The second project was a spread in one of my most recent traveler’s notebooks. You can read all about our family’s adventure RVing along the California Coast. Some of the washi tapes are wide enough to turn into awesome shapes and backgrounds. That’s what I got to play around with here:

And last but not least, I simply tore a strip of the amazing rainbow washi tape and stuck it down the edge of my Hobonichi.

Rainbow Planner spread

To celebrate this release, Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to 6 lucky winners! Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and/or Altenew Scrapbook Blog by 10/3/2018 for a chance to win. 6 winners will be announced on the Altenew blogs on 10/6/2018!

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED - Thanks to all who commented. The winner is Tracey Magner! Congrats - please email us so we can get you your prize! A $30 Gift Certificate is also being given away here. Leave a comment and a winner will be chosen and announced on this post on 10/3. Good luck!

The next stop on the hop is the Altenew Scrapbook Blog!

Wellness Wednesday | My Favorite Skincare!

Zen in the Bev

When people ask me what I would do if I wasn’t running Amy Tangerine, I always say that I’d probably be an esthetician. I love taking care of my skin, especially when I find gentle, healthy products that make it easy to stay glowy and acne-free! Even Jack knows never to go outside without a healthy layer of sunscreen all over him.

Zen in the Bev

One of the reasons I love Derma•E products is that they are gentle, clean, and effective. I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in my skin after using them for the past couple of years. I was so happy to get to attend their Zen in the Bev event recently. One of the coolest parts of the event was getting my skin read in a machine. It’s always a good thing to learn new things about your skin and know what products are a good fit for your needs. Aside from getting to glimpse how the skincare of the future might be, I got to lounge poolside and eat popcorn. It was a pretty awesome day!

My skincare is super important to me and I have a couple of favorite products from them which have made a huge difference in the never-ending fight against acne. So I wanted to share my two favorite Derma E products: the purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask and the Advanced Peptides and Collagen Serum.

Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask: This mask is a total game-changer. Charcoal products seem to be everywhere these days— face, teeth, you name it! The mask is very rejuvenating and I’ve seen incredible results after using it.

Zen in the Bev
Zen in the Bev

Advanced Peptides and Collagen: Anti-aging is a super important part of skincare no matter what your actual age may be. The great thing about this serum is how soft my skin feels after I use it. This fights wrinkles and helps plump the skin.

Do you have any favorite skincare secrets or products that help your face glow? Let me know about it.