Brushing with Vanity Planet is fun!

Great electric toothbrush for kids

When Jack got his teeth around 7 months old, I used a finger brush to brush his tiny little teeth. Then when more started to come in we used the banana brush, and then my dentist gave me a toothbrush with Tigger on it that he's been using for a few months. He only brushes with water and lately he has been finicky about brushing every night since he's in a "no no no" phase currently, which seems to be the answer for a lot of things. But one thing we noticed was when he saw us using our electric toothbrushes to brush our teeth, he wanted to use them. Since ours are a bit on the heavy side for a toddler, I was thinking about getting him his own smaller version. The only ones I could find looked like toys with characters on them, which is totally fine, but I was searching for one that he would think was actually ours. Right around the same time, an email came from Vanity Planet offering to send me some things for review. This toothbrush is one of the items I chose. And it turns out to be a huge hit with this little guy.

Best electric toothbrush for kids
Best electric toothbrush for kids

For myself, I got the Spin For Perfect Skin Brush. Because I already have a facial brush, I was still intrigued by this because of all the attachments that come with it. I have been using the body brush (that's what is pictured below) and it makes me feel like I'm experiencing a spa treatment with every shower. My only wish is that it was rechargeable (it uses regular batteries) like Jack's toothbrush.

Body Brush

Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for a post, but as always, all opinions are my own. Even the ones where I try and tell you how Jack is feeling. But I think it shows that he genuinely loves his new toothbrush.

Vanity Planet is offering you all a great discount on these products!

The price for the Travel Care USB Chargeable Sonic Toothbrush is $50, but for 50% off use the coupon code: AmySmile (which makes it $25).

The price for the Spin for Perfect Skin Brush is $100, but for 70% off, use the coupon code: AmySpin (which makes it just $30!). This code can be used on all facial brushes.

First real "vlog"?

Shot footage this morning, edited this afternoon and uploaded to youtube this evening. It took a while, but if I'm going to make posting a video every weekday in May (just a few more days to go) it's time to get creative and try some more experimenting. 

After traveling and being out of town for about two weeks, it's so nice to be home. I didn't intend on making this video so long - I really wanted to keep it under 10 minutes, but I included some random details that may or may not be interesting and of course some cute clips of Jack. My cousin (also known as Ah-Yi/Cindy) and my mom (Ahpo) live in our guest house and they along with our Jack Russell Terrier, Bamboo make an appearance in what is my first vlog...

Meet me in the sunshine - Free Printable!

amy tangerine | meet me in the sunshine
Inspiration Wall

Been enjoying the extra sunshine that spring brings for the past couple days. With the added bonus sunlight in the late afternoon, I decided to make a little video showing how I freshened up the inspiration wall in my studio. In celebration of the launch of Rise & Shine, my latest collection with American Crafts, we created two free printables. You can get the other one on the AC blog.

I shot this video on my iPhone 6 using Time-Lapse. The light was just perfect and I was listening to Free To Love by Tudor Williams on repeat. Also it's worth noting that I am SO happy with all of the feedback and excitement for the announcement of Design On Time. Thank you all for watching and realizing that somehow rapping and scrapping do indeed go together!

To get your free "meet me in the sunshine" printable, click here.

We would love to see it hanging in your space, so if you decide to share on Instagram, please use the hashtag, #ATRiseandShine. Or link up in the comments. Enjoy!

workspace wednesday - sofa edition

DSC_0943Several months ago (yes, it's taken me this long to get this post together), we went into West Coast Modern and found out that they do custom upholstery. We got a quote for new sofa cushions, since we love the frame but the cushions are probably from the 70's or 80's. Considering we love the lines on the frame, it was worth investing in new cushions as opposed to buying an entirely new couch. Although the store made it very tempting, somehow we managed not to get anything else while perusing the store.DSC_0941DSC_0937DSC_0938DSC_0940amy tangerineIt was a toss up between the grey and the blue, but I am really glad we went with the color we did. I didn't have the foresight to do before photos because I thought I had plenty, but could really only find this one and this one, both from when I was still pregnant. In case you were wondering, we got the sofa originally from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Though I try not to do it often, now when I work from the living room, I have a pretty comfy place to sit!

Jack's playroom (before + after)

amy tangerineThough it's not huge, Jack's playroom is a big part of what keeps our sanity in check around here. It's a room dedicated just for his toys and he can play and make messes as he pleases. Though every once in a while, it's nice to arrange things a bit and get the cars out of the oven in his kitchen, books back on the shelf, etc. Here's how it looked before...amy tangerineAnd here it is after some straightening up while he was at the Y...amy tangerineamy tangerineamy tangerineBut it can't remain clean for too long, so here he is back doing what he does best.amy tangerinePlay, read, play, push buttons, cook in the kitchen, push some cars around, throw a couple things, pretend to be tired and do it all over again! We have been reading Dear Zoo and Peek A Who over and over again lately.amy tangerineI'm looking for a good table - maybe a train table for the middle or corner of his room. Would love to hear your suggestions on that or anything else I should consider as we enter the world of standing (currently) and walking (not quite yet)! Photos by Jamie Waters