Snapshots + Video from the weekend


This weekend was good. My cousins were in town and we enjoyed every bit. Even watching them experiencing their first earthquake was pretty fun. It worries me that I seem to be getting used to the shakiness that's been happening lately. I've felt 3 tremors in the last month and all of them have felt different. The 3rd one happened on Friday night, just hours after receiving our earthquake preparedness kit from Amazon. Great food, some time spent outside in the backyard, the farmer's market in Santa Monica, good sleeps for Jack, a birthday party for one-year-old triplets and relaxing. To sum it up, we had sunshine, shopping and some shaking.And some sweet, sweet laughter that lasted throughout this entire book.

9000+ photos?!

Not sure how it is with all of you, but these days most of my photos are taken on my iPhone 5. I love the ability to take great photos, edit and share them instantly. Since Jack was born, JC set up Photo Stream to share pictures with family. Nearly all of us are iPhone addicts users, so it's great because we don't have to constantly send photos via text or email. Instead, we are able to just put them into albums and people can check them out at their leisure. Notifications come up when photos are added, so then everyone can look at them, like them and comment if inclined.20140311-222450.jpg20140311-222500.jpgAlways looking for great solutions for photos. Now all I need is a proper app to organize and edit (delete) as I am approaching 10,000 pictures! Do you all have a good way of handling and sharing photos that I need to know about? Would love to hear!

6 months!

Baby Jack | Amy Tangerine | Photo by Ann-Marie EspinozaIt's Jack's half birthday today! It's true what they say, time flies when you're having fun. He's been delighting us daily for 6 months. He's a very happy-go-lucky guy who has been sleeping through the night for a month and half, which makes us very fortunate and nearly fully functional during the day. He started on solids a month ago and so far has only had vegetables. His first food was avocado (I know, technically a fruit), then green beans, carrots, butternut squash and peas. Though he only eats about 2 tablespoons or so, he is a good eater. He's still nursing well and gets a bottle a day usually around 5-6pm. We attend mommy & me class together once a week. He loves going on adventures and thankfully is back to being ok with falling asleep in his car seat. Bamboo likes him a lot and wags her tail and tries to kiss him, while Buster is still a bit apprehensive, though doesn't mind being next to him as long as there isn't major eye contact or swatting going on. Jack's hair is getting long and the mohawk is starting to fall down a bit. He still loves tubby time and is really into putting stuff into his mouth. No pacifiers for him though, he prefers his thumb. Other people's knuckles are fun for him to chew on as well. No teeth yet, but we are thinking any day now. He is now getting fussy when it's diaper changing time. And when he is tired he gets cranky as well. Most of the time though, he is smiling, talking - saying dadada during the week and mamamama on the weekends, which could be a coincidence, but who knows. He started making funny noises with his mouth - you know the ones I am talking about. He loves his hands and feet, being outside, and has started giving kisses. Or maybe he's just still looking for something to gnaw on, and my chin happens to be there. He giggles about every other day and it's our favorite sound ever.Baby Jack | Amy Tangerine | Photo by Ann-Marie Espinoza

The Many Faces of Baby Jack

The Many Faces of Baby Jack | Amy Tangerine | Photo by Ann-Marie EspinozaThe Many Faces of Baby Jack | Amy Tangerine | Photo by Ann-Marie EspinozaThe Many Faces of Baby Jack | Amy Tangerine | Photo by Ann-Marie EspinozaThe Many Faces of Baby Jack | Amy Tangerine | Photo by Ann-Marie EspinozaThe Many Faces of Baby Jack | Amy Tangerine | Photo by Ann-Marie EspinozaThe Many Faces of Baby Jack | Amy Tangerine | Photo by Ann-Marie EspinozaJack Archibald, age 20 weeks (taken February 6) || Photos by Ann-Marie Espinoza, who has no problem getting him to ham it up big time.

Instax Share!

Instax ShareAs a lover of instant gratification and tangible results, I think the new Fujifilm Instax Share is one of the funnest (wait, that is a word!) and coolest gadgets ever. It's true, I recently got the  Instax Mini 90 and have had the Instax Mini 7S and Fujifilm INSTAX 210 WIDE for years. I love the credit card sized photos they all produce, but don't often carry the cameras with me. And then there's the Pivi, which I've had since 2010 and still love, but is sadly no longer available. Perhaps like many of you, most of the pictures I take these days are on my iPhone 5. So when I found out that a printer was being released that wirelessly prints credit card sized photos from my iPhone? I couldn't resist. Amy Tangerine loves the Instax ShareI got the Fujifilm Instax Share shipped from Asia. Thankful the batteries were included, I installed them and then downloaded the app, and followed the instructions. It's easy to set up and use. (The only part that was a bit confusing to me was in between printing photos, sometimes I had to go back and select the Instax wifi.)Amy Tangerine loves the Instax ShareThe printer uses the same type of film as the cameras. And the prints come out of the printer really quickly and take about a minute to fully develop.Amy Tangerine loves the Instax ShareAmy Tangerine loves the Instax ShareAmy Tangerine loves the Instax ShareThe only thing I did notice was my photos were a bit blown out compared to what I saw on the screen. Knowing this, I may in the future edit the photos accordingly, or simply choose slightly darker photos to print. Overall though, I am delighted with the results.Amy Tangerine loves the Instax ShareAmy Tangerine loves the Instax ShareAmy Tangerine loves the Instax ShareI am so happy to share this awesome gadget with you. Have questions? Most of them can probably be answered here. Still have questions? Leave them in the comments and I will try and answer them and update this post. UPDATED: Order the Fujifilm Instax Share here.