good things - weekend edition

fridaysaturday1So far our weekend has been great. All photos from my Instagram feed.

  • We're enjoying our books - he's reading Public Apologyand I'm reading Everything Is Perfect When You're a Liar. I am only on the 2nd chapter and have laughed several times out loud.
  • On Friday we had dinner with some great friends at Rustic Canyon. We had quite the assortment of food. Highlights included the Baked Parmesan Puff w/ mornay sauce, bacon & chive. Apparently they have an awesome burger too, but since I had Johnny Rockets for lunch with my mom, I opted out. The kale salad (finely chopped) and Brussels sprouts (perfectly crisp) were delicious as was the branzino.
  • I went a little overboard at Old Navy on the stripes and the tops in general. Much of it is on sale for $10 and I just could not resist. Now to work on spring cleaning my closet to make room for this new bunch. Our general rule is if 1 new piece comes in, 2 old pieces must go out.
  • JC got fantastic tickets to the Pirates/Dodgers game for us, his cousin Dave and Dave's girlfriend. This photo was taken after a couple of Dodgers Dogs (why are those hot dogs so darn good?!), which probably explains the big smiles. Jenna Ushkowitz from Glee sang the National Anthem and then ended up sitting next to us. She was there with a few friends and I decided against asking her for a photo. The Pirates (JC's from Pittsburgh) ended up losing 1-0.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend as well! Oh and I've got a fun big little announcement to share with you all tomorrow!!!

Daily postings in December

I've decided to try and post something every day this month. Lofty goals are always made on the 1st of the month or the start of anything. And if you all are wondering about #mileaday, I am already a failure. I made it to Day 7 and then on Day 8 & 9 it rained. I used the rain as an excuse a reason to not run. I suck and it's ok. I will continue to do the miles on the days I can and am trying really hard to hit my Nike Fuelband goal of 3000 every day for the rest of the year. Keeping it simple and small (4x6 again, this time landscape orientation). See how the cover came together in this post. Worked up a couple intro pages using what I had on hand, one of which was a Bloomingdales ad from last year. (supplies: washi tapes || gold heart from this sticker album || hot pink ink pad) I cleared off just enough space on my desk to start working on this. Cleaning up as soon as I am done with each project is another goal. Dang, December is bringing on big plans.(supplies: evalicious now at Two Peas!)

So I started this a bit early this year, because when I looked back on my previous books, they both had pages from Urbanic's Holiday Soirees from 2010 and 2011. Now I automatically associate these festive events with kicking off the holiday season. Apologies in advance for the photos, as it was already dark last night and I really wanted to get these up on the blog today. (supplies: ampersand || evalicious cloud date stamp, journaling card & tab || white alphas || black and white chevron paper

I'll just consider these bonus pages in my album since I usually start to slack off around Christmas/towards the end of the month anyway. Happy first day of December!

A simple wedding card

Usually the day before leaving on a 6am flight, I come up with all kinds of ideas and find the uncontrollable urge to make something. This used to happen the night before, but apparently I have become a bit wiser with age, giving myself a few more hours to pull something together. I realized that I hadn't gotten Abby & Thomas a card yet, so I took out my Hey There stamp set, a blank card, a tag, washi tapes, some alphas from Typo, and whipped this up. As for the wedding - it was wonderful, except I hardly took any photos. The church ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was on a rooftop with a gorgeous view. It's always fun seeing friends from college. Especially your cool friend Thomas - the world traveler who always has insider information on all the best places to stay and ways to get upgraded- ready to settle down (a bit) and so happy. There's something so fun about going back to Atlanta when everyone can get together for such a special celebration. You may have already seen some of these on Instagram. And yes, Abby and Thomas are the friends who arrived to their wedding reception via helicopter. They are the coolest.

PDX=pretty darn exciting

While in Portland this weekend, we saw some rather funny things.


And I discovered the incredible joy that comes from taking remote photos of oneself jumping on a king sized hotel bed.

done and done.

Remember the cross country road trip Cindy & I took to move her from Chicago to LA? Well, the video is done at last. Shot with the Harinezumi 2 and made using iMovie, I couldn't be happier about my 1st editing experience being done. The most time consuming part was finding the perfect song, but thanks to a quick email to Tara, she sealed the deal with a song called Navigator by the Lovetones. JC helped with iMovie questions, and for those craving a dose of wanderlust, perhaps this will vicariously do the trick. Enjoy!