Day 7, 8 and a sneak of 9

Cindy, Mommy & the doggies dropped me off at LAX on Tuesday night for my overnight flight to NYC.

They looked both sad that they weren't going, but also happy to stay in warm, sunny (what I've heard to be record heat in LA).  I like to spend extra special time with the pups if I'm going to be away from them for a few days. They would have preferred a hike, but work was keeping me indoors, so we played dress up and did a little photo shoot.

And here's a sneak peek into the fun that happened yesterday.

With just a few hours left in NYC, I am off to brave the cold once again with one of my favorite girls ever.  Happy Friday!

taking off...

for a quick little trip to:

by TaylorsType
Excited about seeing Mr. Wonderful (he's there on business) and some friends, eating more than I should and seeing the city at this time of year. What I am not looking forward to is the cold weather. Just hoping I can stand outside long enough to snap some photos.
Here's Day 6 of the December Daily:

A cute photo of Buster and a ball that no longer squeaks:

And a lovely reminder from letterhappy:

brand new

Giving myself a little hug for staying on top of the December Daily (and feeling brand new after taking my first Hot Power Yoga class). Here are the pages from Day 3, 4 & 5:

Been really enjoying this creative process. Keeping it simple, getting it done while still enjoying the moments. That's what this project is all about for me. Some fun signs seen throughout this weekend:

And I now am just learning why people are so into their nailpolish. I used to only have baby pink on my nails and it would drive my mom crazy that I never changed it. Well now that it's the holiday season, I decided treat myself to a change and gel manicures. I just go every two weeks (yes, there exists a manicure that lasts 2 weeks!) At first I went with good old baby pink, but then tried out Marilyn Merlot and now have switched to Brand New Skates. Never thought I would be a silver nail polish kind of girl, but it turns out I am.

on the 2nd day of December

Urbanic, my favorite local paper store kicked off the holiday season with Cocoa & Cupcakes. Per usual, it was a lovely little event where I was thankful to only spend what I did. It's easy to go overboard with cuteness there.

I used the invitation and Snow & Graham paper for my Day 2 entry:

Sounds silly, but the highlight of the evening was when the uber-talented Bonnie Tsang asked if I had seen the photo she took of me on her blog. I was blushing with delight & couldn't wait to get home to see it:

So that was yesterday. It's been so fun seeing everyone's projects! Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my little book. Seriously hoping to maintain the momentum for the rest of the month!

December Daily Day 1

So here it goes, playing along with Ali Edwards December Daily for the first time. The only way I will only do this every day is to just do it the way I feel like doing it on that particular day.  Since I have started too many projects and put too much pressure on making it a certain way, I've decided to drop the expectations and just go for it any which way. Besides, the random bits & unexpected touches are the things I will likely end up loving about it. 

The sign "Love the present" is from a Banana Republic window, but I'd like to think it's a reminder to "enjoy the right now". These are my go-to supplies I will likely use on each page:

2 hole punch (sorry I have no idea where this is from as it's been in our family office supply stash since I was 10 years old), this pen from Jet Pens, Cuttlebug scissors, American Crafts This to That adhesive.

Already excited to work on Day 2.  In other happy news, I am a sponsor for this fantastic giveaway series from Leora Sanford: