Family Fun and Go Wild Vegas 2019

Family Fun and Go Wild

The past few months have been packed with all kinds of incredible adventures and since I’ve started focusing on the word “savor”, I’ve been intentional about my work and family time fusing in the best ways. I wanted to share some highlights from my time in Vegas last month. It was a trip full of firsts. It was my first time at the Go Wild conference, my first time at the Grand Canyon and my first time riding in a helicopter. All in all, it was an incredible time. I wanted to share three highlights from the trip:

Family Fun and Go Wild

1. Helicopter Tour There was nothing better than seeing the sights from great heights! Jack, JC, and I experienced the Grand Canyon from inside a helicopter and it was amazing. I loved this experience and recorded the whole thing on video.

Family Fun and Go Wild

2. Go Wild. What is Go Wild? It’s an incredible event that brings planners (from all over the world) together. People who attend can join others who share the same passion for planning for amazing sessions, goal-setting, inspiration and more. It was the 4th annual conference and as a first timer, I plan on being there every year from now on. Also, the swag bags are beyond incredible. The enthusiasm of everyone in attendance (lining up before 6 AM just to get in the door)

Family Fun and Go Wild

3. Sharing the HARMONY principle and sitting on the panel. Even though I had to turn right around and fly to a wedding in Pittsburgh, I really enjoyed getting to share the principle with a room full of 1400 enthusiastic, positive people. The community at Go Wild was so infectious and fun. The next time I go, I’ll definitely try to be there the whole conference.

Family Fun and Go Wild

Here’s the video:

Oh Darling!


The best thing about attending the Darling Magazine retreat with Alaska Airlines in Maui wasn’t the incredible weather or gorgeous scenery. Those things were definitely worthwhile, too, but it was actually the amazing sense of community I experienced while I was there that took my breath away. All the women were focused on being present and mindful in the moment, which made teaching a little workshop even more special. As always, watching people get creative and crafty while in paradise. I love seeing what people do with different products and how they choose to express themselves creatively. We used a mix of my Shine On Collection and Sunshine & Good Times. We also used the Instax Share Printer so everyone had images to include in their traveler’s notebooks. All the attendees were given a copy of Craft a Life You Love in their gift bags.

One of the most memorable moments happened after the workshop was winding down. As I was cleaning up, a gentleman came to me and thanked me for asking everyone to close their eyes and go through the mindfulness meditation. He works at the Four Seasons and thought it was wonderful to watch and witness, since he so often sees people rushing around or on their phones constantly and being distracted instead of enjoying the world around them. 


On the Road Again– Our Family RV Trip

It’s not like the wanderlust bug bit me or anything… okay so maybe it did. Recently, we had the opportunity to go on a little family RV trip up the California coast through a collaboration with Livestrong and GoRVing. As you can imagine, the experience was incredible. Hitting the road and taking some time away from LA felt amazing. And we had so many of the comforts of home in the RV. You can see how we packed for the trip in this video. I didn't even have to stop crafting as I brought a few things with me to make it fun and easy to document the trip as we went along. This time I didn't work on a traveler's notebook while on the trip, but of course I had to collect bits along the way. Jack had the best time picking up found beach items while in Morro Bay. I couldn't believe the amount of sand dollars he collected. 

On the Road Again
On the Road Again
On the Road Again

It was definitely an adventure. Along the way, we collected seashells, made breakfast tacos, and finally got the chance to go to Pipsticks to hang out with Mo! There were so many highlights from the entire trip, but I would have to say these videos are something we will cherish forever:

On Livestrong:  These Colorful Breakfast Tacos Are Perfect for Summer Road Trips

On Hunker: At Home on the Road with Amy Tangerine

On eHow: A DIY Shadow Box to Capture Road Trip Memories

My Pinterest Book Release Event!

Amy Tangerine book launch

My book, Craft A Life You Love, is out now and I got to have my book release party at Pinterest Headquarters in San Francisco! (I got so many compliments on the dress - it's from Rent the Runway, I have been using the monthly Unlimited plan since my wedding!)

Amy Tangerine book launch

In a moment of pure serendipity, I ran into Tiffany from Pinterest at Alt Summit and mentioned to her that I would be in San Francisco for the day my book was set to be released. One thing led to another, and I ended up hosting my book release party in their Workshop collaborative space!

Pinterest opened the Workshop to bring a virtually-connected world into a physical space where they host events and classes with a creative theme in mind. I'm so glad that the stars aligned in the way that they did, because this ended up being the perfect place to host my event. They even featured me in their blog!

Pinterest Workshop Space
Watercolor Resist Cards

It was so fun to meet a bunch of you and play with watercolors together!  I love that the people who support me are so creative and talented in such a wide variety of ways. Between the people, energy of the space, and the backdrop of colorful balloons made by the fantastic Zim Balloons, this was just the best book release party I could’ve asked for.

Amy Tangerine book launch

Here's my video from the trip, to give you a sense of what it was like!

You can now buy the colorful and updated edition of Craft A Life You Love on Amazon and elsewhere. I hope that it inspires you to create and make time for the things you love, no matter how busy you are!

All photos by LISH Creative

4 Ways To Pack Light & Travel Like A Pro

4 Ways To Pack Light & Travel Like A Pro

Life’s a trip... and when you’re traveling you don’t always have the luxury of checking a suitcase! Although packing light can feel a little limiting, it actually gives you a ton of freedom. You won’t be tied to a heavy bag, you won’t have to endure long check-in lines & you can forget about dealing with that post-flight waiting game at the luggage carousel.  Below are some helpful tips that will make your adventures breezy, comfortable & fabulous!

Roll with it!

When it comes down to it - folding your clothing physically takes up WAY too much space. The trick is to roll everything from your jeans to your t-shirts into tight & neat bundles. This technique will help maximize space while still keeping everything super organized. The one thing you need to remember is to avoid clothing that wrinkles easily. While most hotels provide irons - this added step can be kind of annoying & eats away at precious vacation time!

Get Back to Basics

2018's chicest look is, "model off duty." This style is clean & simple. Just stick to great fitting basics like solid color t-shirts, that perfect pair of jeans, a tailored moto jacket, neutral sneakers & of course a classic LBD. The great thing about packing these basic pieces is that you can mix & match them - the outfit possibilities are endless. For a day at the museum, you can wear a white tee under the little black dress & finish it off with the sneakers! For a nice dinner on the town do the dress solo with the jacket thrown over your shoulders - instant perfection!

Utilize Space

Say you’re going to the mountains and you want to bring your hiking shoes! Although these kicks take up a little more room than you’d like - make them functional! Stuff the interior of the shoe with socks & underwear! It’s a great way to keep things organized & take advantage of available suitcase space!


Let's be honest: when you visit a new place you're gonna wanna shop. Between local crafts & bringing home souvenirs, there's so much to buy & so little room to pack it all up in. This is where your I.C.E (in case of emergency) tote comes in handy! This collapsible bag is made of squishy fabric, therefore, can be folded into a tiny square. Not only is it great to use for long adventure days, but if you end up buying more than your carry-on can handle just open up this lifesaver, and throw it over your shoulder. This fashionable purse puts the fun in functional.

Photography by  LISH Creative

Photography by LISH Creative

There you have it... some solid tips on how to get the most out of packing light! In closing remember this - while it's nice to have the perfect travel outfits & accessories - the most valuable things on your voyage are the memories being made. Breathe it in!

This post is sponsored by Alaska Airlines. All opinions and experiences I mentioned are my own. My creative partners and I really appreciate your continued support! 

With over 90 daily nonstop flights within the state of California at super low fares, I had no problem zipping up to San Francisco for the HEYMAMA San Francisco launch. You can read more of my favorite travel tips on heymama.