Babymoon part 1 | Thailand

With the baby due in just 4 days and being homebound since August, I've been daydreaming about our July babymoon and realized I never posted the photos. We spent 6 of the 10 nights in Thailand.

Our first stop was Bangkok. It was my 3rd time there and JC's first. The other two times I had been, I stayed in hotels on the river, most recently the Sheraton. As big and loyal fans of Starwood Hotels, we chose the gorgeous St. Regis. It was a 400 baht fare from the airport (about 12.50 USD) and because we were sort of in a daze, JC tried to give the driver 5000 baht (thinking it was 500). Thank goodness for honesty, the driver chuckled a bit and gave back most of the bills. We checked into the amazing room and rested a bit before heading down for an amazing breakfast. Considering we spent 2 nights in the city and didn't stay up long enough for dinner, our 3 buffet breakfasts more than made up for it. Totally random, but any meal where you can have a eggs any way you want it - (just one benedict please) to fresh sashimi to bacon to dragonfruit to freshly bottled juices and the best tea I think I have ever had, is amazing to me. St. Regis Bangkok breakfast St. Regis BangkokWe rested up in the room and then took the train that conveniently had a stop connected to the hotel. We got off at a stop within a block of where we caught a boat to go sightseeing. The Grand Palace and Wat Pho - home of the Reclining Buddha were enough to see considering the heat and crowds. The Grand Palace BangkokJC + Amy in BangkokAfter we probably got ripped off with a taxi ride back to the hotel (at least it was air conditioned) we had some lunch by the pool. We then had The Chinese Tailor pick us up for JC's fitting. If you're in Bangkok for more than a day, you can get custom suits, shirts, and dresses made relatively inexpensively. This was my second time to The Chinese Tailor and I must say their service and quality is amazing - don't let their website fool you. JC ended up having 3 suits and 5 dress shirts made that we had shipped back via DHL. The next day we took the train just a couple stops to Isetan where I enjoyed drooling over the washi tape. Then I met JC at Kinokuniya where we stocked up on some books. washi tape & the chinese tailor BangkokOther highlights included hanging out by the pool, seeing my products with American Crafts at Loft (a must stop for any stationery lover), my manicure and pedicure within walking distance from the hotel, and relaxing in our hotel. Next time we'll try and stay up to visit the night markets and maybe even enjoy a dinner in Bangkok.

Next we were off to Phuket where we stayed at in a private villa at the Amanpuri. It was heaven and easily the most relaxing part of the entire trip. We were pampered and after getting over the initial surprise of them unpacking for us (yes, they did!) we adjusted quite easily to the best service we have ever had.Amanpuri villa Amanpuri villaAmanpuri pool Amanpuri pooloutside our Amanpuri villafood at the Amanpuri Our sightseeing and leaving the resort was limited to the Big Buddha, which is still under construction. On our way up to it we saw elephants and monkeys, and I was able to snap a photo on the way down. view from the Big Buddha Phuketnear the Big Buddha Phuketimage_1Highlights in Phuket included consuming as many mangosteens as possible (this may be my favorite fruit ever), the Thai tea I had each morning - super sweet, but oh so yummy, relaxing and reading by the pool, JC going golfing at Blue Canyon, taking the buggy down to the beach, seeing a couple hermit crabs, having a masseuse come and do a 90 minute massage outside the villa (JC got a 60 minute one), every single meal we had at the villa, and just being completely pampered at the Amanpuri. And yes, we are already dreaming of taking this baby there in a couple years.

busy busy

American Crafts has fun new updates on their blog thanks to little miss creative KP. The feature this week's been Thickers... a product that's changed a lot of scrapbooking lives.

I was there in spirit...
with most of the girls from the Thailand trip last year. They all had a mini-reunion this past weekend and Emily did a lovely post that made me miss them all like crazy.

I spent the weekend with a bunch of college friends in Chicago for Kelly McD's 5th annual pub crawl. 125 people rode on 3 trolleys to 3 different bars and we had a fun, fun time. We were in bars for 15 hours that day. That is a first for sure. Other highlights from the trip were eating an amazing burger at Rockit, hanging out with my cousins and going to Potbelly, going to see this movie in a totally empty theatre on Sunday night. I was excited to see Busy Phillips in the film because when I met her last month, she was just the sweetest! Here she is with her daughter, Birdie (and our appropriately named Birdie onesie).

This is from Saturday...
And this is from St Patty's day in the South Bay yesterday...
The front of my shirt said "lucky" with a four leaf clover under it.

Quote I like: "I make the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes."
-Sara Teasdale
(1884-1933, American Poet)

Hope everyone's having a great week!

jetsetting causes...

JET-LAG. Grateful to not have been jet-lagged at all while in Thailand, I regret to inform my body that it cannot sleep in until 2pm again (yes, I got back to LA on Monday night and slept until 2pm on Election day!) Fortunately I made it to the polls and even got some work done.

Our Thailand group was amazing. Tara Whitney has a wonderful post of our blissful experience. Emily has a post with photos too.

Before our trip, Emily sent us little books from Nepal. Upon arrival to our hotel rooms at the Bangkok Marriot Resort & Spa, we received fabulous messy journals for us to put our goodies in. I started decorating my cover, and then couldn't stop.

I plan on finishing up the messy journal before the end of the year.

Another handy travel journal-y thing I just decided to do (again) is the Sketchbook Project. This time it will travel on and here is the schedule and here's how you sign up. I recommend that everyone do it- it's a great way to spend less than $20 to get your creative mojo on. The theme is "Everyone We Know"

I hope everyone I know is getting plenty of sleep...

some things to do...

do yoga on the beach.
have a bath.
eat breakfast by the beach: bacon, eggs, hash browns, pineapple, watermelon, lychee, cheese, croissant, and strawberry yogurt.
drink guava juice with breakfast.
journal and make some art on the beach.

do cartwheels and get your hair wet with ocean water.
take some photos that make you smile.
lay in a hammock.
enjoy a BLT with french fries for lunch on the beach.
make some more art.
go kayaking in the Indian Ocean.
soak in a tub filled with the freshest herbs.
get a 1 and half hour thai massage.
play a little volleyball.
do another few cartwheels on the beach.
lay on bean bags on the beach.
read some Sark.
Live an extraordinary life.

I'm back from an amazing trip to Thailand (I enjoyed Krabi so much!)... now it's back to work in the office. Happy Halloween everyone!
(Thanks Kari for the photos!)