paris is pretty much picture perfect


Last month, JC and I spent just 3 nights in Paris. It was our first visit to this magnificent city. We were greeted with crepes (as it was the only place open at 11pm) and enjoyed croissants every morning.  3 nights wasn't nearly enough time, but we're confident we'll visit the magical city in the future. Here's the Europe Mini Part 2...

I had originally planned on adding some of the photos by One and Only You, but there are just so many, I am having trouble choosing. Thanks for looking!

Europe Mini Book, Part 1

The moment I saw this MMMG notebook at Urbanic, I knew it was THE one for our Madrid/Barcelona/Paris to Pittsburgh trip. It's spiral bound with just the right amount of pages. I choose spiral bound books for bigger trips because they can "grow" with the amount of stuff I put into them. More than half of this section was done before we got back into the States. I love how fresh everything remains when you experience it, record it with photos, collect memorabilia and then glue it directly into the book. I even take it with me into restaurants so I can simply adhere the card into the album. The host at Balthazar saw what I was doing and even brought a tape dispenser to our table in between the appetizers & main course. It was a sweet gesture. Here's the Spain portion of our trip:

It's fun doing an ABC's list to remember little things from trips. Do you have fun tips/tricks/things you do to record and remember vacations? If so, please share! The Paris portion is 95% complete.  Thanks for looking!


In honor of Spain winning the World Cup, I thought I'd share some of our photos from over a week ago. We spent 1 night in Madrid and 2 nights in Barcelona. (This is not nearly enough time in case any of you are planning trips in the near future.) Upon arriving to Madrid in the morning, we took the Metro from the airport to the Opera station, just a few blocks from our hotel. Room Mate Laura was gorgeous just what we wanted. And our room was ready at 10:30am, which was amazing (mainly because we took the red eye & only slept for 4 hours, and also because we got a chance to shower & freshen up before exploring). We got a sweet deal online (about 3 weeks prior to our trip) and went with a "Chic Loft".

The view outside 1 of the balconies (there were 2):

We watched Spain win against Chile our first night in an Irish pub, of all places. It was extremely exciting, but the bar was packed and smoke filled, so there are no good photos to show. But here we are (sad to be checking out of such a lovely hotel, sad to be leaving Madrid, but looking forward to our next stop)...

 Click on this post for more photos of the room & Madrid. And here are a few photos from Room Mate Emma in Barcelona:

Super sleek, our room was smaller than it was in Madrid, but perfectly fine. And I just loved the bathroom. Putting some finishing touches on the mini album from the trip & will be posting those soon. Thanks for all of the feedback on the road trip mini. It's really inspired me to get this next one done in a speedy time frame.

on the go

Much like a little kid, I need stuff to entertain me when traveling. Since there's plenty of down time in airports (especially when the last 4 of 6 flights were delayed), on airplanes, and because I like instant gratification, I have a little go-to kit of goodies. I took everything except for the book with the scooter, only because I knew we'd be on lots of subways and planes and I wanted to carry just the essentials.

The little scissors got taken away in Paris on our way back to the States. I remembered that they had actually taken my scissors away in China last year as well. I guess it's something about not letting those items into the US. They are just baby scissors used to cut nails, and they run about $4. I am grateful they took these and not my $40 cuticle nippers (which is a bit confusing because my nippers are much sharper than these little things). No worries though- tearing magazines and papers is something I've gotten pretty good at...

Here are some favorite shots from Madrid. We stayed at Room Mate Laura and were delighted with all aspects of the hotel. Beautiful design, fantastic location, great service at a reasonable price.