over 365 days ago...

we were hanging out having a blast in Whistler. Many Irish coffees were consumed, dance parties in our hotel room ensued, and the torch relay countdown to the Olympics happened outside our lodge.

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Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

feeling a bit under the weather...

It's what usually happens after I am on the go, non-stop and then suddenly decide to take a breather and relax. My body decides that it will make me slow down, way down... so now I am fighting off a cold, but wanted to post a few photos from an amazingly fun trip to Whistler with a very hilarious bunch of friends.

Our bus ride was quite the adventure (it decided to break down on the mountain, and we had to wait an hour for another bus to come and get us). Cindy thought it would be funny to take a picture of me sleeping...
After a long 3 and half hour bus ride, we finally reached the Blackcomb Lodge at 3am with all of our gear. I was so happy to see the sign to the Lodge, but apparently the person taking the photo couldn't have cared less and decided to crop it out.
We were there for the 365 day countdown to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, which was pretty cool. A couple friends got to take photos with the Torch, but I was running around trying to get the "boa" thingie on Dana's boots fixed, so I missed it. Fortunately, I was able to get it fixed and take a this snapshot at the base of the lift.
On the Peak 2 Peak gondola going from Whistler to Blackcomb:
Yay- I am up and here's a picture to prove it!
I fell a lot on my butt, and decided it was a better idea to go and sit on my butt and enjoy some delicious Irish coffees.
We became regulars at this Irish pub- Dubh Linn. They had live music and the most delicious clam chowder soup I have ever had. Oh and their french fries were amazing as well.
And after 4 fabulous days, we had to pack it all up and squeeze into the jam-packed minivan.
And now all I feel like doing is going to sleep, but am grateful to be in my own bed as opposed to a plane, bus or pull-out-sofa.
Nighty Night!