Forbes Feature! In-Person Events Are The Way To Go

Forbes Feature

Feels so good to be included. I was recently mentioned in an article in Forbes! It was such an incredible moment to see that happen– what a sweet surprise! The article centers on how many YouTubers and Instagramers are now opting for in-person meet-ups and mentioned my Crafternoons almost right away.

Four friends at the first ever Craft A Life You Love Retreat: Kara Elise (@bykaraelise), Kara Barefoot @peacelovedonutsnaplesfl, Alisha Cohen (@alishylishy), and yours truly!

Four friends at the first ever Craft A Life You Love Retreat: Kara Elise (@bykaraelise), Kara Barefoot @peacelovedonutsnaplesfl, Alisha Cohen (@alishylishy), and yours truly!

One of the things I love most about my job is that it allows me to make incredible connections with amazing crafters and like-minded people from all over the world. Something super special happens, when you’re in a room of people who are all united in their desire to make beautiful things, keep memories, and spread positivity. One of the things I would like to do is make in-person events a little more frequent. For example, earlier this year, I was able to host my very first Craft A Life You Love Retreat– hopefully just one of many to come in the future. Alisha has a great recap of it on her blog and so does Kelsey of The Curated Life. I still haven’t been able to fully put the whole thing into words, but I am still working on the YouTube video to share soon. More recently, I released a Plan-With-Me YouTube video. While this isn’t technically an in-person event, it was nice to talk more casually as I worked through a project and shared as I went along. 

Let me know– would you want to attend an in-person event? If you are interested, stay in the loop! Sign up to receive my newsletter, Sweet Slice of Life, right here on the website. Did you see the Forbes piece? What are your thoughts about in-person events?

Interview with Brush Magazine!

Brushed and Beautiful

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to be featured in a story for Brush Magazine. Brush is a great publication because it focuses on featuring artists from all over the world. It was so exciting to get to discuss Craft A Life You Love and how I started Amy Tangerine back in 2002. Of course, you should definitely read the full story, but in the meantime, take a look at three highlights from my chat with them.

  1. How would I describe my work? Fortunately, every day is different. I’m a scrapbooker, small business owner, YouTuber, collaborator, lover of life. My work has evolved in a variety of ways. The common thread throughout has been creativity in some form. Some days I get to paint and draw and use awesome art supplies. Other days, it’s grinding away doing the tasks most creatives don’t enjoy— emails, computer work, etc. Overall, the fact that my work is creative and meaningful and can speak to others is a huge source of happiness and fulfillment in my life. It feels weird to say this, but I really feel like the luckiest person and I do what I love on a  daily basis. Sure, I have bad days, but I get to be creative, find different ways to express it and share it with others.

  2. What advice do I have for aspiring artists? Just go for it! Often the first steps are the hardest to take. It may be challenging, but if you embrace the journey and the process, then who knows what can happen. The creative community doesn’t feel competitive to me. We need more people to pursue their passions/crafts and put those positive ideas into the world. Opportunities can come your way when you share your gifts. My collaborations with American Crafts, Mixbook, and Avery would likely not have happened if I didn’t show my work. And if you’re interested in reading more about my perspective, I go into detail about my path and in my book, Craft a Life You Love - Infuse creativity, fun and intention into your everyday.

  3. What do art and creativity mean to me? Art and creativity are what you make it. They are both subjective. In my world, making art and being creative is essential. I truly believe that everyone is creative. I love the fact that the creative process and experience is different for everyone. Art journaling and scrapbooking allows us to pause when we take the photos, then reflect and relive those moments while recording them on paper. Sharing those memories with loved ones and having an archive of previous moments is so special.

Brushed and Beautiful

For the full article (which is so gorgeous, I wish it was in actual print!), please go check out Brush Magazine to see my interview along with many other cool artists featured in this edition. What do art and creativity mean to you? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

Feature in Mini Maven Magazine

Recently, I did an interview with Mini Maven Magazine for their travel issue! They talked with me about a bunch of my current projects including the second edition of my book, Craft a Life You Love, my scrapbooking lines with American Crafts, and the capsule collection with Avery!

Mini Maven also asked a few questions about my son Jack and how I continue to work on my creative projects with him. Any fellow scrapbooking and crafty mamas might find my answers interesting! There's also the most beautiful photos inside which makes me wish I had a little girl to dress. Some awesome mamas are featured in the issue as well.

You can buy the magazine on the Mini Maven website and at Barnes and Noble stores worldwide. And to celebrate summer, now through June 25th, you can get FREE SHIPPING by using the code MINISHIP before it sells out!

Featured on Your Zen Mama

Your Zen Mama feature

It was an honor to be interviewed by Your Zen Mama for their Folks We Love feature! I loved sharing my principle on how it's not so much about balance for me anymore, but really about harmony.

Amy Tangerine's Harmony Principle

I was thinking of exploring this concept in further detail and shining a light on it even more. Let me know what you think!

Huffington Post UK!

Scrapbooking with Kids
Scrapbooking with Kids

It was a pleasure being interviewed for this piece in the Huffington Post UK on Scrapbooking With Kids: Why Taking Time To Get Creative Should Be a Family Activity. They even used a photo from the Kids Art Binder post. Hope you enjoy the read!