Pregnancy Essentials

Pregnancy Essentials | Amy TanDisclaimer: I kept wanting to post something like this while I was pregnant, but obviously that didn't happen. Considering I don't know how I would have survived and enjoyed those months without these items, I thought it was still worth a share. Hoping some of you find it worthwhile. 1. Havaiana Flip Flops. Comfortable flip flops. Any and all. Pretty much every single day in my 3rd trimester, I wore Havaianas. But when I wanted to dress up, I went with Michael Kors' flip flops.

2. Bringing Up Bebe - A fun read that I received at my baby shower.

3. Kind Bars I was always hungry when I was pregnant, so healthy snacks were a must. I craved both sweet and salty, so these Kind bars were perfect.

4. Bio-Oil. - Stretch marks?! Not if I can help it. And I truly believe rubbing this on my belly once (or twice when I remembered) really helped prevent them.

5. Belly Band - Got it in white and black and loved wearing it during the first and second trimester. The third trimester was all about maxi dresses.

6. My Pregnancy Today App - I was pretty obsessed with checking it every morning to see what the heck was going on with the little guy.

7. Amazon Prime A membership to Amazon Prime is truly priceless when it comes down to the fact that you can get so much of what you want delivered to your door in two days for free!

My Baby Shower

With the best of intentions to share these photos before Jack was born, I didn't get to it. So naturally while he is napping on Ahpo (his grandma, my mom), I am able to re-live the occasion and finally share it with you all. It was such a special (and beautiful) day - where friends and family got together. Some flew in from across the country just to help celebrate and made me feel like a super lucky lady.Baby Shower invite by Sarah ChampionInvite designed by the crazy talented Sarah Champion. I had a bunch printed by Persnickety Prints - yes, they do card printing and don't even put their name on it for credit (which is so nice). Loved that Gillian opened up her gorgeous house and backyard for what couldn't have been a more perfect celebration.Amy Tan's Baby Shower Amy Tan's Baby Shower Amy Tan's Baby Shower Amy Tan's Baby Shower Amy Tan's Baby Shower Amy Tan's Baby Shower Amy Tan's Baby Shower Amy Tan's Baby Shower Amy Tan's Baby Shower 6a 6 Amy Tan's Baby ShowerMy amazing hostesses - Gillian, Courtney, Cindy & Dana. They honored my request that there be no silly games, and threw in some fun surprises. Amy Tan's Baby ShowerCraft stations - where guests used the Silhouette and Mister Huey's sprays Amy Tan's Baby ShowerAnd of course a scrapbooking station with a washi tape bar. Along with these cameras - Fujifilm INSTAX Mini and Fujifilm INSTAX 210 Wide, Dana Colwell took photos that were printed on Gillian's Canon SELPHY CP900.Amy Tan's Baby ShowerLove that I was able to take this album home and flip through such a special occasion right away. Amy Tan's Baby ShowerAmy Tan's Baby ShowerAmy Tan's Baby ShowerAmy Tan's Baby ShowerAmy Tan's Baby ShowerAmy Tan's Baby ShowerAmy Tan's Baby ShowerAmy Tan's Baby ShowerAmy Tan's Baby Shower

Oh boy!

20130919-183522.jpgOn September 18th at 7:37pm, John Archibald Cangilla was born. Named after his grandfathers, this little guy (who we will call Jack) put his mom (that's me!) through 14 hours of labor. After pushing for nearly 3 hours, the doctor decided it would be safest to do a C-section. JC got to cut the umbilical cord and held him first. My body was numb and I had the shakes/shivers. After a few minutes, JC brought him over and I met him for the very first time. 20130919-183125.jpgWe are totally smitten and grateful for this little guy even though he only decided to join the world about 24 hours ago. Thanks for all the well wishes over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It means so much to us. Love, Amy + JC + Jack.

Monday Musings

13_9_16This photo was taken on my iPhone yesterday on my due date. No, I am not sad, I just look that way when I don't smile. Actually we are all really happy right now. Buster is still extremely cuddly, the baby seems to be in no hurry to make his entrance, and JC and I are just enjoying this whole nesting thing. While I could do without the swollen hands and feet, it actually gives me some time to pause and relax a bit and let you all know my plans for this blog. Last month I reached out to some amazingly talented and interesting friends to do guest posts here during my brief absence. Since this is my first child, I have no idea how I will feel. Grateful for a wonderful pregnancy for the most part - I want to just make sure I am somewhat prepared for what comes next. The guest posts will start going up on Friday. There will be other scheduled posts in between as well. And yes, I will be sharing the baby news on here and Instagram.

In the meantime, here are some random bits to start off your week.

  • Dogs are really amazing - just another video that proves it.
  • My cousin Cindy sent me this link, which turns out to be a commercial without warning me that I would cry. And boy did I.
  • If Breaking Bad last night didn't send me into labor, I am not sure what will. Only 2 episodes left of the best show on television. Eeeps.
  • I did a major clean out of the studio yesterday and boxes will go on sale today at noon PST in the shop. The prices will be slightly higher than last week because they are full of more recent, higher priced products.
  • This quote.

  • Silhouette America is offering 25% off storewide today through September 19 using the code: TANGERINE. Please note that this does not apply for the machines, downloads, download cards, gift cards or subscriptions; it only applies to consumables. It's a good time to stock up on blades and cutting mats! Apply code: TANGERINE at check out to qualify for the discount.

Q&A - thought about doing one of these posts for a while. Can't guarantee your questions will all get answered, but it will definitely get me thinking on blog topics and sharing for the future. Do you all have any questions for me? Ask away in the comments!