'This Happened' by Shanna

Color is one of the things that inspires my layouts the most. I love seeing different color combos and trying them out on my page. When I ran across this image recently I fell in love with the simple color combo of gold, kraft, black and white. Now there are a lot of directions you can take this from simple, to classic and every where in between but I decided to use one of my heritage photos for this project!
shanna noel for amy tangerine shanna noel for amy tangerine
I love these large, bold, sentiment stickers from Plus One (whats not to love?) and I wanted to use them with the new kraft label stickers from Stitched. Together they really did all the work for me, I simple stitched the banner stickers across the page and added some wood veneer stars on the top. Paired with a bold black and white pattern paper down the side and a black and white photo you really can't go wrong! I used the "this happened" as my journaling prompt and printed out some journaling strips.
I am going to be on the look out for this color combo and I can't wait to see how you use it! Have a wonderful day! - Shanna

Thanks so much, Shanna - I love this layout, so inspiring! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop for Plus One at your local scrapbook stores and online at Scrapbook.com and Simon Says Stamp!

Cherish Layout by Shanna

shanna noel for amy tangerineOften times when I want to create a page but am uncertain on where to start, I just pick one thing that I know I want to work with and let that set the tone. For today that item was the hello let's chat  cut file from The Cut Shoppe. I love speech bubbles and I adore how these really make a statement on a page.  shanna noel for amy tangerineFrom there I cut out the file and then just started to brain storm. What kind of story could I tell here? I will literally make a list; a layout about thoughts, adorable quotes I have heard, a conversations etc. etc. etc. you can really go on until something sparks. Once you get the spark, run with it. I had this adorable photo of Addison in my photo box and the look on her face just says so much to me I wanted to explore that a bit.  shanna noel for amy tangerineWith that simple prompt this layout came together so quickly. I used the stickers from Plus One as my color guide. So when I was adding watercolor behind the speech bubbles I selected colors I knew would work well with the line, then I used that color guide to easily select the stickers I wanted to use. I love the yellow in this line and wanted to use it for my base color, then created a color blocking effect by adding that pink washi across the center of the page. The sentiment thickers in this line are my favorite so of course I had to use them again and I love the statement they make on this page. The word "cherish" just lends itself perfectly to the journaling. Just like that I had told my story! shanna noel for amy tangerineI hope this helps you get going when you may need a starting point. What is your spark today?

Have a wonderful day! Shanna

Seriously so lovely - I adore the use of watercolors! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop for Plus One at your local scrapbook stores and online at Scrapbook.com and Simon Says Stamp!

Sewed Minialbum by Olennka

I need to admit that I love minialbums. I love to create them, collect them and finally after a while browsing page by page. It’s great idea to gather more photos in one place. Now I can see that it was worth to make lots of minialbums. Nowadays my son – he’s three – is viewing my albums and keep asking questions about photos, places and dates. It’s great fun spending time with him in that way. Well, you can say there is lot of work in such an album, it takes more time than scrapbooking page. I don’t think so. I want to show you how easy it can be. You don’t even need lots of supplies, just basic stuff.

Here’s the list of supplies which I used: Amy Tangerine Plus One papers, Amy Tangerine embroidery set, Photos, Scissors, Ruler

suppliesWhen you’ve got all it’s time to start. I’ll explain everything in simple steps.step1Step 1: Cut papers to size 12 cm* 15 cm ( I had photos 10*15 cm and I wanted to use them as individual pages for my album).step2Step 2: Fold each paper as on the picture. I divided each piece for 2 cm fold 10 cm wide/ 15cm highstep2aStep 3: Make holes with paper piercer every 1 cm on each piece of paper on the fold area.step4Step 4: Arrange your photos and add titles, embellishments and whatever you like.step5Step 5: When your pages are ready sew it together. As you can see it’s quite simple. And here’s my whole album.SewedMinialbum 1SewedMinialbum 2SewedMinialbum 3SewedMinialbum 4SewedMinialbum 5SewedMinialbum 6SewedMinialbum 7I encourage you to try this!!! Hope you like it and have fun! Ola

What a fantastic little book! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop for Plus One at your local scrapbook stores and online at Scrapbook.com and Simon Says Stamp!

More photos from the Boom Boom Room

Last week I shared photos of our set up at the Boom Boom Room event. As I told you all in that post, it was our first time doing Pre-Emmy's, and earlier this year, we did Pre-Oscar's. It was a pleasure chatting with everyone and I especially loved meeting the fellow mamas and watching the kids interact. Here are some more pictures of the fun-filled day. Lisa Loeb:amy tangerine + lisa loebamy tangerine + lisa loebEden Riegel: amy tangerine + eden riegelJacqueline Lord:amy tangerine + jacqueline lordProject Cuddle Team (Chad Roberts, Brandon Russell)amy tangerine + Project Cuddle TeamKimberly Williams:amy tangerine + kimberly williamsLisa D'Amato :amy tangerine + lisa damato Sherri Saum:amy tangerine + sherri saumSkirt by Varga || Photos by Jamie Waters

After Jamie left, Alfonso Ribeiro and Angie Everhart stopped by with their families and Lisa Ling and I grabbed a selfie with our babes on my iPhone: IMG_6708.JPGIMG_6717.JPGIMG_6712.JPGGood times!

Plus One Gift Box by Shanna

We have some house guests coming for the weekend and I wanted to put a little gift box together to set on their dresser when they arrive. I think it is fun to provide guests with a couple things that might make them feel more at home. For the gift box I didn't want to go out and buy a generic box so I asked my husband to picked up a couple cigar boxes from the local shop (they will just give them to you for free) and I simply covered it with Plus One paper using spray adhesive, it was super quick and easy.Perfect house guest welcome gift!From there I just gathered my supplies and took the time to make each one special. I love adding little personal touches to let them know we love them and are SO glad they are here!Perfect house guest welcome gift!The tags from the Plus One collection are PERFECTION for a quick project like this because they come already put together, with the sewing down the middle. It just adds that special touch to make it pop! What I love about the clips is that they can take those off and use them again on their own projects!Perfect house guest welcome gift!We also had a t-shirt for the box from my Mother-in-laws recent trip to Tahiti instead of just putting it at the bottom I decided to add the adorable Amy Tangerine ribbon to hold it all together. Anything is cuter with yellow camera ribbon on it!Perfect house guest welcome gift!For me part of putting a gift together is taking something ordinary and adding just a little something to make it stand out. Instead of just throwing in some chocolate (for any late night munchies) I put them in a tiny mason jar and then made a little tag to sit inside the lid, it just pulls it all together (one or two candy corn M&Ms might have been eaten in the making of this photo).Perfect house guest welcome gift!What I love about using a line like Plus One for this project that is it makes it look like a cohesive gift when in fact you will find anything from champaign to marshmallow fluff (....my brother-in-law loves it!) in there! This helps me pull it all together and is sure to put a smile on your houseguest's face! Have a wonderful day! Shanna

What a fantastic project! Other Design Team member posts can be found here. Shop for Plus One at your local scrapbook stores and online at Scrapbook.com and Simon Says Stamp!