The Happy Sleeper

Mommy & Me class at the Pump Station

Photo taken October 2014 at The Pump Station

Though Jack and I no longer go to our Mommy & Me classes, (you can see the cool thing we made for graduation here), we have kept up our friendships with many of the fellow people in the class and also the teacher. Julie (the only one not holding a baby in the photo above) helped guide me through many of the struggles of being a first time mom. I know it sounds extreme, but I am not quite sure how I would have survived Jack's first 6 months without the class. We all cried together, shared stories, laughed a lot and grew as moms. We talked a lot about sleep, which turns out is a pretty controversial topic. But one thing I know for sure is that I could barely function with being sleep deprived.

When Jack was around 4 months old he was waking up just once in the night, which was wonderful to me. Then he regressed and was waking up twice. Well, that just threw me for a loop and I read all the sleep books that were recommended to me. We decided it was really important to us that Jack learn to soothe himself to sleep when he was ready to do so. Since Julie advised not to start a sleep plan until after the age of 5 months, I got a bit antsy. Because so many of us in class were wanting to know how we could get our babies sleeping through the night, she led us through discussions a bit early. Thank goodness for that, because I really needed to be getting more uninterrupted sleep. Julie's approach to mindful parenting helped me through it. She told us she was co-authoring a book and we all could not wait to read it. Well, long story short, her methods helped us help Jack sleep through the night at around 4 and half months and then he got better with his naps at about 6 and half months. Of course there are other factors that I think really helped - moving him into his own room, then into the crib, and being able to turn over and sleep on his stomach. It also helped with him being a thumb sucker. To this day he is a wonderful sleeper and I believe that the methods we learned in class helped me a great deal. And helped keep me sane! For those of you who are blessed with babies who sleep through the night

Even though I had just gotten off a plane, I got home, dropped my bags, hugged Jack like crazy and then took him to Julie's launch party for The Happy Sleeper.

Photography by Docuvitae

Such a fun event, even though Jack and I had to leave a bit early due to his bedtime. Congrats Julie & Heather on your amazing book, The Happy Sleeper!



High 5 for personalized pants

baby Jack
baby Jack

Not sure what it is about baby legs, but they sure are scrumptious. Most of the time I prefer dressing Jack in fitted pants, not baggy ones. Several years ago from my friend Dana, shared a little secret with me about dressing her little guy, Asa. She said she would just buy him girls' pants. She said they just fit better, and she's right. At first I tried to keep it a secret from JC that I bought our son several pairs of girl pants from the get go, but my mama brain let it slip when Jack was just a few months old. Oopsy. But JC didn't seem to mind, and Jack's been looking rather studly in his slimmer fitting pants, especially his jeggings.

As a big fan of leggings and personalized items, I was delighted to discover Simply Boco Baby. Their eco-friendly, organic, and made in the USA items are just too cute. We got so many compliments when he wore these.


As for the photos in our backyard, we're on our favorite blanket and he's playing with a little orange from our tree. He loves it. (Some of you may recall that my dogs have long thought of oranges as toys). Jack's got a few new tricks going on too - high 5 is a favorite - or what looks like "no photos" on the right.He only spends about 15 minutes a day in his Jolly Jumper, but I think he makes the most of his time there.

PS - Simply Boco Baby is offering free domestic shipping using the code: TANGERINE

Hello Love... Silhouette Cameo giveaway - closed

Though I made this project several months ago, it remains one of my all-time favorites created with the Silhouette. It holds a special place in my heart because, well, it hugged the bundle of joy that was my big belly. Using a design from Kal Barteski, exclusive to Studio Calico, and the white Silhouette Flocked Heat Transfer, this is how it all came together.Hello Love Silhouette | Amy TangerineThe instructions that come with the kit are easy to follow. Here's the side that goes down onto the garment.Hello Love Silhouette | Amy TangerineAnd this is what it looks like on top.Hello Love Silhouette | Amy TangerineYou can use a regular household iron, but since we have a heat press similar to this one, I used it.Hello Love Silhouette | Amy TangerineHello Love Silhouette | Amy TangerineHello Love Silhouette | Amy TangerineHello Love Silhouette | Amy TangerineThis is how it looked on - photo taken by Mark Slagowski (taken on July 30).Amy_Tan_BabyBump_HelloHeart-1GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Now for the really fun part! Silhouette wants to give one of you - my dear readers - a Silhouette Cameo valued at $299! Leave a comment with something you are thankful for. Comments will close on November 28 at 8am and a winner will be announced shortly after. And you'll want to come back to the blog for a big announcement! Thanks for your comments - the winner is #6 -Annette Allen says:

now this is totally adorable.. i love it.. I am so thankful for family and life.. Life is good..



Oh boy!

20130919-183522.jpgOn September 18th at 7:37pm, John Archibald Cangilla was born. Named after his grandfathers, this little guy (who we will call Jack) put his mom (that's me!) through 14 hours of labor. After pushing for nearly 3 hours, the doctor decided it would be safest to do a C-section. JC got to cut the umbilical cord and held him first. My body was numb and I had the shakes/shivers. After a few minutes, JC brought him over and I met him for the very first time. 20130919-183125.jpgWe are totally smitten and grateful for this little guy even though he only decided to join the world about 24 hours ago. Thanks for all the well wishes over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It means so much to us. Love, Amy + JC + Jack.