PEOPLE Magazine Feature | Infusing Intention Into the Everyday


On the list! If you’re in search of great ways to infuse meaning and little rituals into your kids’ daily lives, look no further than this amazing list from PEOPLE magazine. Yours truly made it onto the list, which was such an exciting moment to experience. Whether it’s singing, setting an intention every morning, or sharing around the dinner table, there are 14 great ideas that are guaranteed to spark some inspiration no matter what your family culture may be. I’ll share mine as well as two others that really spoke to me in this blog post, but you should definitely check out the full article here

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Amy Tan, @amytangerine: One of the practices I’ve started doing to start my morning off right is with an intention, and my son Jack, 5, enjoys it, too. Sometimes he will just say “everything good,” or other days he says his intention is “to be silly.” It’s been a fun way to have a little, positive and mindful moment before our day gets going.

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Andrea Lavinthal, PEOPLE Style & Beauty Director, @andilavs: Every morning while I’m getting my almost 3-year-old son, Saxon, dressed for school, we talk about all of the friends he’s going to see that day and sing silly songs using their names. It gets him excited for the day and adds a little fun to his daily routine.

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Kelle Hampton, @etst: We buy matching rubber bracelets at the beginning of the school year for every family member. We all wear them on the first day of school to help remind us all that we are connected and loved (first days can be scary!). These also work great later in the year for test days or particular challenges. It’s so nice to have a secret reminder when you’re away from your family that everyone has your back and is rooting for you.

Be sure to read the entire article for even more inspiration and let me know what you think. Is there a tip you would like to try? Do you have a family bonding tradition that you and your kids love?


The Love List: Crafty Essentials | Amy Tangerine

You have been asking for my favorite crafty supplies and tools, and finally here it is. These are the essentials I have been using and loving. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments - I love learning about new go-to supplies to add to my stash.

Artist's Loft Watercolor Set - People are constantly asking me on Instagram what my favorite watercolors are. I even made a dedicated video on it because the question came up so much. Hopefully it's thorough enough for you. It's certainly a great price with wonderful colors. Of course there are plenty of other better options out there, but for the price, I don't think this one can be beat. 

Washi Tapes -  Super cute set of pineapples in a great color assortment

American Crafts Cardstock - I like the 8.5x11" version for the Motivational Monday quotes, but the 12x12" pad is good to have on hand too.

Cutterbee Scissors - my go-to sharp little scissors perfect for fussy cutting. Someone said they travel on the airplane with these, but I am always afraid of getting them taken up. 

Traveler's Notebook - this turquoise refill is extremely difficult to find in any other place besides Japan.

Royal 2 Brush - this was my first love when I first started doing brush lettering years ago. 

Minc Foil Applicator - It's fantastic to have in the studio, and since I just moved, I plan on keeping it out on the table so it gets used more often. Once you start adding foil to things, you may find the process quite addictive!

Tim Holtz Water Brush - the detailer tip brush is, in my opinion, is perfect for making both thick and thin strokes. Plus traveling with it is a cinch! Great for creating on the go.

Fiskars 12 Inch Paper Trimmer - I have a number of these trimmers, which work great. I have since fallen for their new (as of 2016) reinforced aluminum trimmer. You can't really go wrong with either, but I am finding myself using the aluminum one more these days.

American Crafts Sticky Thumb Tape Runner + Refills - Running out of adhesive is never fun. I have tons of these on hand and have been known to go through quite a few on the days where we are cranking out client scrapbook pages. I also have become smitten with the Tombow Glue Tape, and will be ordering more refills soon.



The Love List: Washi Tapes | Amy Tangerine

My love for washi tapes continues! You'd think I would be tired of them by now, but my collection still grows and I find myself continuing to use them on so many things. How about you? Are you still obsessed like I am? If you have favorite sources, let me know.

Also, if you're looking to get crafty ideas for ways to use your washi tape this summer, there's a special discount on my online workshop with Brit + Co. It's the White House's Week of Making and we are giving a discount code for 20% off my Modern Scrapbooking class with Brit + Co! Use code SCRAPBOOK through 6/26.

Found these fun washi tapes on ETSY: Foxes | Triangle | Yellow Chevron | Navy Florals | Grid | Watermelon | Air Mail | Succulents | Copper Foil | Pink Floral


The Love List: Spring

The Love List: Spring | Amy Tangerine

Scoured Etsy, Target and ASOS for some colorful Spring favorites. Do you have any of these items and how much do you love them?

Cat Eye Sunglasses | Hex Spora Vases | Color-blocked RugYellow Umbrella  | Appetizer Plate Set | Orange Ballet Flats | OK Vase | Canvas Wallet | Marimekko Pillow | Summer Fruit Lithograph


Mother's Day Handmade Gift Guide

Mother's Day Handmade Gift Guide | Amy Tangerine

Scoured Etsy for some fun Mother's Day presents I would want to receive myself (no, that's not really a hint for JC or Jack - wink wink). Instead of waiting until the last minute (although it is less than two weeks away!), I thought it would be fun to do some browsing online. 

Best Mom Ever cardFlower Vase | 14K gold Stacking Rings (the ones I always wear are the smooth finish) | Envelope Clutch | Mama Bird Tee | Quadretti large print | Not pictured is some traveler's notebooks that we had made that we are giving an exclusive first look to SharBearCrafts!

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