Everything Was Awesome! Jack's 6th Birthday Celebration

Awesome Lego Birthday Party
amy tangerine Jack's Lego birthday party

Everything was awesome! Jack’s 6th birthday party featured LEGOs, robotics, good food, family and friends, and custom crayon creations to top it all off. The best part of the day was seeing Jack and his friends get creative with LEGO robotics. While it took a lot of time and effort to pull the whole thing together, I did want to try and keep it as simple as possible. It took a lot of help from friends and family and was a wonderful celebration in our home. I wanted to go ahead and share my top takeaways from planning the event in case you have your own little person who’s growing up way too fast. It didn’t seem like too long ago when we were celebrating Jack’s 5th birthday!

Lego invitation

Per usual I commissioned A Pretty Little Party to do the invitation. Natalie always nails it and one of these days I will print it out for his scrapbook.

The Theme

Jack absolutely loves everything and anything to do with LEGO - Legoland, LEGO Movie 2, etc, so the theme came together very quickly. Custom LEGO figures made from recycled crayons by Art 2 the Extreme in his favorite color – teal – along with a metallic blue balloon and a blue, green and yellow balloon garland provided the vibrant color backdrop for the party.

The Food

When it comes to creativity in the Kitchen, my mom is a master. She spent four hours whipping up homemade egg rolls, potstickers, and fried rice. I commissioned one of the moms from Jack’s last school to make the incredible rainbow LEGO shaped JELLO cake and tasted incredible.

The Fun

While the adults chatted and caught up with each other, the kids had the time of their lives assembling awesome LEGO creations.

Art 2 the Extreme custom crayons
Awesome LEGO party
We are awesome shirts

New Collaboration Announcement!

Major Collaboration Alert

Hey friends! I am SO excited about this collaboration that we have been working on for a while now. 2020 just got a lot more organized and a lot more colorful. Some people might be over the moon but right now, I’m over the rainbow. I am so pleased to announce a major collaboration with Archer & Olive. That’s right. We worked together to combine her excellent paper, beautiful designs, and botanical patterns with some good fresh rainbow vibes to create the 2020 planner of your wildest dreams. Here’s what you can expect:

Major Collaboration Alert
  • Watercolor patterns with vibrant rainbow hues.

  • Hand-lettered quotes to kick off each month

  • Double bookmarks, one with that classic Archer and Olive ampersand attached at the bottom.

  • Spreads with space for memory-keeping, planning, bullet journaling or any combination of paper organizing that you love to do. 

Major Collaboration Alert

My hope is that people will use this planner in their daily lives to keep track of their goals, dreams and intentions. It’s the perfect way to memory-keep your past, stay on top of the present, and plan for your brightest future. How are you getting ready for 2020?

Major Collaboration Alert

There’s no better time to put your plans, hopes and dreams down on paper. Working with a fellow female entrepreneur to create this was a total dream. It’s limited edition and available for Pre-Order now! Thanks as always for your amazing words of encouragement and support! Let’s get our creative juices flowing in 2020!

3 Tips for Memory Keeping Like a Pro

After a long (much needed) vacation, I’ve finally begun to upload videos to YouTube again and this first one is a Plan with Me update. The planner I work on is a part of my collaboration with The Happy Planner for their Be Happy Box. My intention was to share how I caught up on the blank spaces in my planner while we were out of town for 3 weeks. I really enjoyed making the video and hanging out with my family as I worked. Of course, you should go watch it and feel creative and inspired. If you can’t watch it immediately or you’re saving it for when you have some time to really sit down with your own planner and work while you watch, here are 3 takeaways from the video you can use right now!

  1. Be a Maximalist. Don’t be afraid to fill up blank spaces. I used to feel discouraged when I’d look back over a week and see so many blank spaces in my planners and journals. To me, they represented failures to log my days “properly.” Now, I get excited when I see them because I realized they’re actually opportunities to add beautiful embellishments and flourishes. Those empty spaces are a blessing in disguise. If you want to be more “true” to the past, you can always journal a little about your experiences in colorful pens or markers to add your own personal touch.

  2. Add dimension. Try out multiple media for a multi-dimensional look and feel. Don’t hold back. You can add stamps, watercolors, stickers, die cuts and washi tape in layers to create the perfect multi-layered masterpiece. The benefit to working through things in layers is that you can always cover up something you don’t like with a sticker or a die.  Just remember that if you’re stamping or using watercolors you need to allow everything to dry carefully before you move on to your next layer. While you wait, you can always work on another page or project. 

  3. Time-saving supplies. Use tools that make it easy and exciting to try for the layout of your dreams. I was so excited to try out The Happy Planner’s box punch for this photo, I couldn’t resist sharing while I worked. If you didn’t see on my Instagram Stories, no worries, I included it in the video. It isn’t just using that specific box punch– although it really is great. Use supplies that get you excited. As a child, I loved going into craft supply stores and seeing all the amazing options. Whether it’s your favorite tape runner, a printer that connects wirelessly to your phone, or a pair of scissors sharp enough to cut cardstock in a single long satisfying swipe, use it! Those supplies can make all the difference in your creative practice. 

I share 5 awesome tips in the video, so be sure to watch on Youtube to see the final two. Whether you just had time for this blog post, or you were able to see the video as well, I hope you feel inspired to continue in your own creative pursuits. Be sure to reach out on social media. I know I’ve been talking about this for a while now, but if I do decide to schedule videos more regularly, what day should I upload? Let me know! I always love to hear back from you all. 

PEOPLE Magazine Feature | Infusing Intention Into the Everyday


On the list! If you’re in search of great ways to infuse meaning and little rituals into your kids’ daily lives, look no further than this amazing list from PEOPLE magazine. Yours truly made it onto the list, which was such an exciting moment to experience. Whether it’s singing, setting an intention every morning, or sharing around the dinner table, there are 14 great ideas that are guaranteed to spark some inspiration no matter what your family culture may be. I’ll share mine as well as two others that really spoke to me in this blog post, but you should definitely check out the full article here

Amy Tangerine PEOPLE.jpg

Amy Tan, @amytangerine: One of the practices I’ve started doing to start my morning off right is with an intention, and my son Jack, 5, enjoys it, too. Sometimes he will just say “everything good,” or other days he says his intention is “to be silly.” It’s been a fun way to have a little, positive and mindful moment before our day gets going.

Andrea Lavinthal PEOPLE.jpg

Andrea Lavinthal, PEOPLE Style & Beauty Director, @andilavs: Every morning while I’m getting my almost 3-year-old son, Saxon, dressed for school, we talk about all of the friends he’s going to see that day and sing silly songs using their names. It gets him excited for the day and adds a little fun to his daily routine.

Kelle Hampton PEOPLE.jpg

Kelle Hampton, @etst: We buy matching rubber bracelets at the beginning of the school year for every family member. We all wear them on the first day of school to help remind us all that we are connected and loved (first days can be scary!). These also work great later in the year for test days or particular challenges. It’s so nice to have a secret reminder when you’re away from your family that everyone has your back and is rooting for you.

Be sure to read the entire article for even more inspiration and let me know what you think. Is there a tip you would like to try? Do you have a family bonding tradition that you and your kids love?

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

What did the fruit say to the ice cream?…

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

… I’m sweet on you! Cheesy jokes aside, there was plenty of sweetness to go around at our Happy Sundae party, where ice cream and bright sunshine set the scene for the perfect summer fun. What better way to celebrate the season than with an ice cream bar featuring Tillamook’s fantastic classic flavors?! Guests were able to create their own sundaes using a variety of toppings including: raspberry, kiwi, mango and more. I wanted to share pictures from the party and give you some inspiration for your own little ice cream social. Summer is always an excellent time to get together with friends and family. Why not celebrate? Here are my tips for creating a party to remember.

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

1. Awesome Options - Give people lots of choices. Tillamook ice cream is the perfect summer pick-me-up and you deserve a treat! Enhance the natural, creamy flavors with fresh fruit for a healthy twist on a classic summer dessert. My favorite flavor is Old-Fashioned Vanilla, but there are tons of awesome ones to choose from– Mudslide to Birthday Cake to Mint Chocolate Chip, there’s a flavor out there for everyone. After all, Tillamook is dairy done right. It’s natural, delicious and creamy. And it makes it even more fun when they get to sample all of them if they wish!

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party
Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

2. Find Your Vibe - Are you a balloon person? Or a streamer person? Maybe you’re like me and you love both. We matched the colors of our streamer wall to coordinate with the classic Tillamook cartons. The pastel, nostalgic colors were a perfect match and the results were so cute, I had to bring the streamer wall home so I could use it again. Other cute decorations– including a mini letterboard, pastel tassel banner, and gorgeous flower arrangements - brought the whole look together beautifully. Don’t be scared to put a twist on it - because creativity is key, find ways to incorporate other things you love into the mix. We repurposed a paint palette and used it to arrange the fruit toppings in rainbow order.

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

3. Invite Your Tribe - Keep it simple. The goal is to enjoy the event with family and friends– not obsess over every little detail. I really wanted a balloon wall but I was short on time so I brought in the experts. I hired a local balloon designer, who came in and created an epic masterpiece. It freed me up to focus on building the balloon cloud of my wildest dreams. If someone you know is an amazing baker or loves decorating a space, bring them in and collaborate to create something beautiful. Ask people to bring one or two of their favorite toppings or dishes to make things easier. If you’re short on freezer space, never fear, pick up the ice cream right before the celebration. Use this to find the closest Tillamook ice cream and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party
Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party
Sweet Summer Ice Cream Party

Of course any excuse to celebrate is a good one, and having an ice cream party is no exception. Even though I know the kids would naturally enjoy it, the adults at the party couldn’t help but indulge just a little, too. A few of us even went back for seconds and maybe even thirds. After all, life is short and it’s up to us to make it as sweet as possible.