5 For Friday

Amy Tangerine | Hooray

1. I want to remember our family hike from last Sunday where Jack hiked most of the 5.4 miles in Temescal Canyon. It took us 3 hours and there were a few falls and tears, but minimal whining and the view was perfection. 

Amy Tangerine Bullet Journals

2. In case you missed the article I wrote on Bullet Journaling for Carrie Colbert's blog, you can check it out here. And yes, I promise I am going to film a video very soon about my bullet journal set up for this year. I totally appreciate your patience!

Whimsy Wonderland

3. I cannot believe it's March 2nd already. We are en route to PlannerCon as I type this and I feel like I haven't fully recovered from the fun that was Planners Rock (did you see the epic video and prize that West Coast Planners so generously gave?), then Create & Cultivate, and Alt Summit. It was so fun to be in Palm Springs for Alt Summit hanging with this colorful crew of ladies. Hoping to do a recap and video from the fun even though I know I didn't capture quite as much as I had hoped. I was really focused on being present and forgot to capture much of it. And then I was home for one full day and I have a strong feeling the rest of this month is going to fly right by.

Amy Tangerine Planner Pouch

4. Our planner pouches are selling quickly - so if you're thinking about getting one, a little birdie told me to do it pretty soon before they are all gone!

5.  Really think I need to get back into more of a blogging rhythm and try and do more features and fun things like I used to. I miss Currents and Friday Favorites and all that stuff. Going to make more time for it this month and hopefully it will turn into a habit that will carry through Spring and the rest of the year! What are your plans for the weekend?


The Love List: Crafty Essentials | Amy Tangerine

You have been asking for my favorite crafty supplies and tools, and finally here it is. These are the essentials I have been using and loving. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments - I love learning about new go-to supplies to add to my stash.

Artist's Loft Watercolor Set - People are constantly asking me on Instagram what my favorite watercolors are. I even made a dedicated video on it because the question came up so much. Hopefully it's thorough enough for you. It's certainly a great price with wonderful colors. Of course there are plenty of other better options out there, but for the price, I don't think this one can be beat. 

Washi Tapes -  Super cute set of pineapples in a great color assortment

American Crafts Cardstock - I like the 8.5x11" version for the Motivational Monday quotes, but the 12x12" pad is good to have on hand too.

Cutterbee Scissors - my go-to sharp little scissors perfect for fussy cutting. Someone said they travel on the airplane with these, but I am always afraid of getting them taken up. 

Traveler's Notebook - this turquoise refill is extremely difficult to find in any other place besides Japan.

Royal 2 Brush - this was my first love when I first started doing brush lettering years ago. 

Minc Foil Applicator - It's fantastic to have in the studio, and since I just moved, I plan on keeping it out on the table so it gets used more often. Once you start adding foil to things, you may find the process quite addictive!

Tim Holtz Water Brush - the detailer tip brush is, in my opinion, is perfect for making both thick and thin strokes. Plus traveling with it is a cinch! Great for creating on the go.

Fiskars 12 Inch Paper Trimmer - I have a number of these trimmers, which work great. I have since fallen for their new (as of 2016) reinforced aluminum trimmer. You can't really go wrong with either, but I am finding myself using the aluminum one more these days.

American Crafts Sticky Thumb Tape Runner + Refills - Running out of adhesive is never fun. I have tons of these on hand and have been known to go through quite a few on the days where we are cranking out client scrapbook pages. I also have become smitten with the Tombow Glue Tape, and will be ordering more refills soon.


My Crafty Favorites

Art by the amazingly talented  Ashley Mary

Art by the amazingly talented Ashley Mary

One of the things I get asked most often is some version of "what are your favorite supplies and tools for crafting?" Over time I have learned what my must-haves are and have essentials in my arsenal that I want to share with you! I also want to preface though, I don't think it's always about the supplies. Sure, there are tools and things you can buy that are better than others. Thankfully there are things available for all budgets. I do think the items I have chosen here are budget friendly and super high quality and worth the investment. That being said though, the best supplies you can use are the ones in front of you. Get creative with what you have. Doesn't have to be fancy. I've seen some of the most amazing work with a simple pencil! It's not about the supplies, it's what you do with them! With all that being said, I still love my crafty supplies and feel the need to share my 5 favorites. Trust me, it was hard to narrow down, but I didn't want to make Ashley Mary sketch out too many more!

Fiskars Paper Trimmer - I've gone through many different types of paper trimmers and this is by far my favorite one. It stays on the table in my studio (or I should say on any one of the tables) but doesn't take up a lot of space. It's lightweight and compact enough to take on the go if necessary. I find it very easy to use with little room for error - it cuts straight as long as the ruler is pulled out all the way and your paper is flush against the top. The blade glides nicely and smoothly and I find the cuts to be straight and clean. The replacement blades I like to use are these. I find myself replacing them every other month or so, which only means that I am making a lot of stuff!

American Crafts Sticky Thumb Adhesive Tape Runner - Mainly I love this thing because it's compact, easy to grip and handle and most of all, takes refills! I used to use the dot runner as I liked that it was more forgiving, but have found that if you use just a little bit of this if you're unsure about committing to the paper, then you can easily lift this off without ripping or ruining anything underneath. A little goes a long way with these and I have an entire drawer full of refills because running out of adhesive in the middle of a project is not fun at all. These are safe for photos and work smoothly on all kinds of cardstock and paper too.

Artist's Loft Watercolor Set - I could go into a whole separate post about why I love these so much (which maybe I need to do soon)! These are a great beginner set with tons of colors at a fantastic price. I have been using them to create my collections with American Crafts since 2011. Shhh - we have used this inexpensive set to create designs in 8 out of 10 collections! I love it for creating backgrounds, brush lettering for my Motivational Monday quotes, and it's probably the best looking watercolor set to photograph. Like I mentioned, I could rave more about it, but maybe it's better that I just make a whole separate video and post about this. Coming soon!

Tim Holtz Detailer Tip Waterbrush - There are few things/items I can credit with changing my life, but honestly this is one of them. Not sure why it took me so long to embrace the water brush, but once I got my hands on this one, I couldn't imagine my life without it. There is a learning curve when using it, but man, when you get passed that by practicing a lot, it is a dream! It's not an essential part of my everyday. I even carry one in my purse! You can see it in action in my video series on brush scripting on YouTube. My friend Tim is the man, and I am SO grateful to have this tool and him in my life!

Cutterbee scissors - These are my favorite compact, sharp scissors. I heard a rumor that you can even take these on the airplane, but I am scared to do so because I don't want them to get taken from TSA. These scissors can fussy cut like no other and are just the perfect size to have around. For larger cuts, I prefer these Fiskars soft-grip scissors, but since this post was just about 5 favorites, I needed to stop there.

*Thanks again Ashley Mary for your amazing work and for creating the cosmetic bag I carry all my crafty travel essentials in!* 

Do you have crafty supplies you love? Let me know in the comments!

October Favorites

A round up in video form of 10 (or so) random things I am loving right now.  Definitely thinking of making this a monthly series - hope you all like some of the stuff I'm currently crushing on!

1. Big Magic  + Styled by Emily Henderson
2. Pop Sugar Must Have Box
3. VW Monster Factory lunchbox
4. Crayola bathtub crayons
5. Washi tapes
6. Real Simple + Dwell Magazine
7. Waterbrush
8. Gold brush pen
9. Traveler's notebook insert I made
10. Shabby Apple dress

PS - I have been working on something big behind the scenes, and I can't wait to share the details with you a week from today! XOXO

Friday Favorites

Amy Tangerine Pale Violet dress

Hi friends! It's been a while since I've done one of these lists. Thinking I will try and bring it back to the blog and maybe even test out a video component to it too.

1. This Pale Violet dress I got a couple months ago at the sample sale along with this dress you might remember from this post. It's the perfect color, has intricate unexpected details and is one of those dresses that's so unique it gets a ton of compliments every time I wear it. There's only one left, and it is a really small size, but it's deeply discounted! There's a lot of wonderful and unique items on sale throughout Pale Violet. If you're looking for something fun and uncommonly delightful, be sure to check out the feminine selections at Pale Violet. I'm thinking about treating myself to this gorgeous necklace that would look good casually with V-neck tee shirt or dressy with evening attire. Wondering if I could pull off these gold sunglasses. They are kindly giving a 20% discount for you lovely readers! Now through August 31, 2015 use the code TANGERINE for 20% off at Pale Violet!

2. This travel video on Guatemala I first saw on Poppytalk. Fun to see some of the same places JC and I ventured to back in 2011. It's still one of our favorite places ever. Our travel video pales in comparison as I shot it on the little Harenezumi, but I am so glad we have the photos and memories of our experience. Here's my little wrap up post 4 years ago.

3. Free classes on Craftsy - It's Back to School season and I am thinking of assigning myself some homework so I can learn new things. Sometimes I feel motivated to go beyond crafting. Since these classes are free, it's a great way to try out Craftsy at no risk. I am eager to try Professional Family Portraits, Creative Cake Pops, and because I have to include a crafty class,
Bag Making Basics: Reversible Tote & Zipper Pouch. Who wants to join me?

4. This book by Kayla Aimee - so well-written and I am so proud of my friend for her amazing ability to share her journey. If you're in the mood for a heartwarming true story, I highly recommend Anchored.

5. We've received many requests to make my hand scripted Motivational Monday quotes available in the shop. Finally we've done it and made it easy for you to purchase and download immediately! As a thank you for being an awesome reader, enter the discount code "BLOGFRIEND" at checkout for 20% off all Printables through Tuesday, August 18.

PS - We also have been working on a Paypal check out option. We were able to finally do that with the Editions listed here .  Please note, Paypal orders will be emailed within 24 hours, and unfortunately the discount code will not apply.  

Printable quotes by Amy Tangerine

Ann-Marie printed some of the printables out and they look like I wrote it right on the paper! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!