KP's Daybook

Just love what Kelly Purkey has done with the Noted Daybook, available online at Two Peas and Simon Says Stamp.And I am crazy about her washi tapes - the colors are perfect not only for this season, but anytime. I personally don't need any excuses to collect more of this sticky stuff. Keeping it simple and small these days seems like a theme I can work with. How about you?

what i packed for a quick weekend work trip

We kicked off summer with very quick 36 hour trip to Layton, Utah to teach at the I {Heart} Memories retreat this past weekend. We left Friday evening and came back Sunday morning. The event was produced by Memory Works (they do this every other year, so be sure to mark your calendar for 2015 - it was awesome!) and my class was sponsored by American Crafts. JC accompanied me as he has never been to Utah before and was able to play golf while I was teaching the 2 sessions. We fit everything into his Jack Spade Chocolate Wayne Duffle Bag, except for his golf clubs. This is what I packed: whatipacked_weekend Contents: Crazy Rich Asians | Fashion Forms strapless bra | Michael Kors PIPPA Sunglasses in Burgundy | skinny belt from Ann Taylor Loft | Amy Tangerine cosmetic bag - may be in stock soon in our shopEven packing this light, I was still able to bring home a clean bathing suit (I always pack one for every trip = you never know when you are going to hit a hot tub or pool. Except now that I am pregnant, I am not going into hot tubs), and a clean tank top. And of course I had to take some crafty goodies with me. whatipacked_scrappy note: we are trying to put together some more travel kits in the next week or so for the shop.

Although I didn't actually get anything done on the plane besides reading, I am glad I had this daybook to put all of my memorabilia into the pockets. This is a book I plan on filling up through the summer, so it's nice to have a head start and all the stuff in one place. Hope you all had a wonderful first summer weekend!

mini daybook in action

minidaybooksThese Daybooks - are the perfect size for quick little notes. They come in a set of 3 and I used this one for a weekend trip to Atlanta. I wasn't planning on putting photos in it, but I did want to record some of the things we were doing. Before leaving on the trip, I decorated the cover and did some additional stamping prompts inside on random pages. I only took my Ready Set Go Travel Kit, which includes a pen perfect for journaling. Kept the entire book simple and sweet.1 DSC_0578 DSC_0579 4aSupplies: Crafty set of 3 Daybooks || Date Night Set of 3 Daybooks || Kelly Purkey's exclusive stamp set || Kelly Purkey Bon Appetit stamp set || Hey There Stamp set available at Two Peas & Simon Says Stamp || airplane stamp from Lovestruck set ||  gold star washi tape || Staz On Jet Black ink

Brazil tour - part 1

Ola from Brazil! If you're following me on Instragram, you may have already noticed the hashtag - #amytaninbrazil. It's pretty straight forward and  seemed like a fitting way of getting everyone's Instas in one place. Also, as it turns out, Facebook seems to reign supreme when it comes to social networking, and these speedy Brazilians leave the events and within hours have posted their photos from the day. Pretty impressive considering I still haven't even posted my wrap up from Germany from a week and half ago. (Will do it soon!) As I venture into the last city of this tour, I thought it would be a good time to share with you some of the first city's highlights. And shed some light on the reality of traveling, and how it can seem glamorous, when in reality, it isn't this way most of the time.

Though I was blessed with smooth flights and fine connections, being on an airplane for over 13+ hours isn't exactly easy. I managed to get a lot of rest on the leg from Miami to San Salvador, so much so that they stewardess kindly let me skip breakfast and at the last moment (with only 20 minutes left), she softly woke me up and handed me some juice and offered me coffee. I was completely dazed for the hour layover in San Salvador, and then took a little nap for the short flight into Recife. Upon landing, I was the first to get into the immigration line for non-residents. Unable to say anything in Portuguese, I waited until the guy waved me ahead to approach the desk, where I stood for at least 10 minutes. He asked me something in Portuguese, to which I said "English?" and he said "No", with a little wave of his hand. Then he pointed to his computer screen and I surmised that he was waiting for the system to turn on. It was after all, only about 9am. As I looked behind me, the line had grown to about 30 people, and he was still helping me. The computer eventually started working and we continued without saying a word to each other. When he handed me back my passport, I said thank you and off I went. Since I didn't have to pick up any bags or claim anything for customs, I simply exited. And then I saw a man holding a sign and smiled and realized that he spoke no English. No worries, I thought to myself, Rommel my travel companion/translator should be arriving in 30 minutes. The driver handed me a note and I was assured by the store owner, Ema, that Rommel would arrive soon and should I need anything to just call her on the driver's cell. We sat down and about 15 minutes later, out of the blue in perfect English, he said to me, "My name is Mario." I laughed and we tried with sign language and all kind of things to communicate for the next 2 hours! Turns out Rommel's flight was delayed and no one really knew what time he was to arrive, etc etc. We killed the time by looking through some photos, I edited some of the South Africa video, and just sitting there. I wasn't hungry or all that tired and we simply tried to make the most of it. Failed attempts to get online and a couple phone calls from Ema later, we decided to take a walk. We went to the food court and looked out the window at the planes. I'm pretty sure at this point, we were both thinking the same thing. We even laughed at ourselves at one point because it always took at least 2 minutes to convey what normally would take 10 seconds. At least we were smiling. Then finally we got the call and Rommel had landed! Only 1 and half hours after he was supposed to, which meant 2 hours of hanging out at the airport after nearly 15 hours of travel. Oye! (That is an expression I have picked up here).

Thankfully, it has all been wonderful since. Here's proof.All's well that ends well, and this was really just the beginning. In case you were wondering, the trucks are from the construction  site of the World Cup stadium, where they are apparently working around the clock. And sadly, I only got close to the pool to take that photo where the water is just teasing me. The location of the 3 classes was the clubhouse, located just steps above the oasis that was beckoning.

The venue was spectacular, but the people even more so. What a fantastic group, I feel truly blessed. 3 ladies even flew in from over 600 kilometers away just for the day! Big hugs to everyone in Recife - the first stop really set an amazing tone for this entire trip. Ema, I am taking you up on that offer to go to the beach (or at least a dip in that pool) next time. Muito obrigada!!

fabric + paper love

While in New Zealand for Spotlight, I met so many lovely ladies, some who even brought projects they had made with my products. One in particular was a wonderful lady named Lisa. She showed me the amazing daybook she created for her daughter's 8th birthday.While flipping through it, I noticed that in one of the photos her daughter, Georgia, was wearing a camera tee. Turns out Lisa took my BPC class, The Good Life, and made shirts for all her kids. She calls them the Gap girls, since those are their initials. How cute are they in their shirts?!Thanks so much for letting me share this, Lisa!Speaking of classes, here are a few fun options.

-Big Picture has Project Real Life by Becky Higgins beginning soon! Class starts Thursday, October 4th! Be sure to register by October 3rd to receive an exclusive set of Project Life cards—printed and mailed to you from Persnickety Prints. If you register on or after October 4th, you'll instead receive digital versions of the Project Life cards that can be printed at home.

-Studio Calico just announced their class with Silhouette American, Cut It Out. Looks like an amazing group of teachers.

-Working on a client's album for their Spring Break trip to Maui. The photos are gorgeous and have me wishing I could make it to Hawaii with Stacy to celebrate 12/12/12. Doesn't that sound like fun? Regardless of whether I take the plunge or not, I plan on playing along with this more affordable $20.12 class.