4 simple goals

Following Elsie's lead with accomplishing 4 simple goals before 2011, here are my 4.
1. Finish reading 4 books, which will make a total of 12 for the year.
2. Get massages every other week. I have way too much stress in my shoulders and the doctor has recommended this, and who doesn't want to do just what the doctor tells you?
3. Eat more vegetables & fruits and consume less junk food.
4. Do another charity event or 2 like this one:
Grateful for the various opportunities that present themselves, I had the pleasure of organizing one of the crafty tables for a wonderful Starlight Children's Foundation event. Hundreds of families were invited to a "luau" where kids and parents enjoyed plenty of delicious food, fun games and activities and plenty of goodies to take home with them. My mom and I volunteered our time and provided supplies to the kids so they could make scrapbook pages to remember the day. The parents also made cards for the generous hosts of this event. It was heartwarming seeing so many volunteers come together on a gorgeous summer day for a great cause.You may recognize one of the smiling faces...

Looking forward to reading other simple goals- enjoy the weekend!

good causes part 2

Last year I joined my friend, Gillian, at a great Fox Sports event at Casa del Mar in Santa Monica benefiting
City of Hope. Here's the scrapbook page I did of the event:
Having never placed bids at a live auction before, I got really excited about the amazing list of offerings. After a lovely dinner, a few cocktails, and some wine, I got brave and decided I would get in the game with the other attendees for this great cause. Many of the items were going for over $10K, and considering my budget was half of that, I was only in the game for a few of the auction items. After a little bit of back and forth bidding, I was the winner of the Tour & lunch for 4 at the Playboy Mansion. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and something we'll never forget. Hef even peeked into our lunch in his dining room because we were laughing so hard and having a grand time. Here are just a few of the photos...

good causes...

We had the wonderful pleasure of attending this event on Saturday, the Extravaganza for the Senses benefiting the Saban Free Clinic. For over 42 years, the Saban Free Clinic has provided hope and health care for men, women and children who have nowhere else to turn. Over 40 restaurants served amazing nibbles and 100 wineries provided tastes at 20th Century Fox Studios. Highlights were the generous silent auction items, the photo booth by Polite in Public, and samplings from The Foundry (Grilled Cheese taleggio/raisin bread/apricot-caper puree), Citizen Smith (Smith's Mac & Cheese and the Jalepeno Tuna Tartar) and Mr. Cecil's Ribs (the beef ribs) YUM.

Laughing with Debbie Lee from The Next Food Network Star, and watching Jeffrey Saad doing a demonstration..
Thomas likes this itty bitty ice cream cone.

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On Sunday, July 26, 2009 I will be racing with my team, Tangerine Dream, in the Echo Park Lake Paddle Boat Regatta. We need your help in winning the trophy, because the more money we raise, the better our heat and starting position. All proceeds benefit 826LA, which is dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Please help me reach my fundraising goals by making a donation here- 826LA Paddle Boat Regatta

Every little bit helps, even just $5 or $10, and any donation of $20 or more is fully tax-deductible. And if you're in LA, come on down to the Echo Park Lake on Sunday to cheer us on. Or mock our costumes. Thanks!