Jack loves Rags & Royal tees

Cute travel tee shirt
Jack in Rags and Royal
Most Likely To Succeed
Most Likely To Succeed

Photos by Ann-Marie Espinoza | Tees by Rags & Royal | Shoes by Freshly Picked (they have ants on them and picnic table fabric on the bottom)

Can't get over how cute (and big!) Jack looks in his new Rags & Royal tees. I had the pleasure of meeting Monique and her husband at the Boom Boom Room event back in March. They are kind and just launched their brand last year. The designs are cool and printed on super soft tees. You may remember this photo posted on Instagram taken when he was 19 months old. And he's going to be turning two in two months! So far, he's most likely to succeed in making me smile every single day, but the days are flying by, and I need a pause button, please.

A slice of life... video style

A day in the life of us. I like the idea of making these vlogs on occasion, so let me know your thoughts! My goal is to keep them under 10 minutes, but clearly I failed at this one. Forgive me?

Brushing with Vanity Planet is fun!

Great electric toothbrush for kids

When Jack got his teeth around 7 months old, I used a finger brush to brush his tiny little teeth. Then when more started to come in we used the banana brush, and then my dentist gave me a toothbrush with Tigger on it that he's been using for a few months. He only brushes with water and lately he has been finicky about brushing every night since he's in a "no no no" phase currently, which seems to be the answer for a lot of things. But one thing we noticed was when he saw us using our electric toothbrushes to brush our teeth, he wanted to use them. Since ours are a bit on the heavy side for a toddler, I was thinking about getting him his own smaller version. The only ones I could find looked like toys with characters on them, which is totally fine, but I was searching for one that he would think was actually ours. Right around the same time, an email came from Vanity Planet offering to send me some things for review. This toothbrush is one of the items I chose. And it turns out to be a huge hit with this little guy.

Best electric toothbrush for kids
Best electric toothbrush for kids

For myself, I got the Spin For Perfect Skin Brush. Because I already have a facial brush, I was still intrigued by this because of all the attachments that come with it. I have been using the body brush (that's what is pictured below) and it makes me feel like I'm experiencing a spa treatment with every shower. My only wish is that it was rechargeable (it uses regular batteries) like Jack's toothbrush.

Body Brush

Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for a post, but as always, all opinions are my own. Even the ones where I try and tell you how Jack is feeling. But I think it shows that he genuinely loves his new toothbrush.

Vanity Planet is offering you all a great discount on these products!

The price for the Travel Care USB Chargeable Sonic Toothbrush is $50, but for 50% off use the coupon code: AmySmile (which makes it $25).

The price for the Spin for Perfect Skin Brush is $100, but for 70% off, use the coupon code: AmySpin (which makes it just $30!). This code can be used on all facial brushes.

Another episode of Design On Time!

This week, Jennifer McGuire is our guest challenger on Design On Time. Jennifer and I often joke about how we'd like to have an arranged marriage for her daughter and Jack. We think they'd make the cutest couple even though she's a bit older than him. I mean, look at them!

match made in heaven

Ok, back on topic. For the first time since we started this challenge, Jamie and I almost didn't finish in the allotted 15 minutes! You'll probably want to watch all the way until the end, as there's a special cameo (or two). I am completely smitten with how this week's episode turned out. Special thanks to extremely talented Jennifer McGuire for joining in on the fun and challenging us with sequins, sewing and of course, stamps!

Here are our finished layouts. Love that a couple of you commented on the last episode to let us know that Tudor's layout was actually your favorite. He totally rocked it. And I would photograph his, but he actually has been taking them with him to give to his mom! (Insert a big AWWW here)

Design On Time 03

We love reading all the comments and feedback! Jo Sowerby, you are this week's lucky YouTube commenter! We've made you something special, email us for details!

If you like what you see, want to see more or have an idea for a future challenge, be sure to leave us a comment here or on YouTube!  And if Design On Time has inspired you to make something this week, please share your work with us using the hashtag #designontime. Loved seeing these projects by @artfuleigh and @natalieelph.

Design On Time 03

In case you missed it - Design On Timeepisode 1 | episode 2

We hope you feel inspired to get out there and live your best creative life today, and every day!

Traveling with a toddler - Tips wanted!

This morning I woke up at 4:45 with a slight panic about not being prepared for our trip to Australia with Jack. I somehow managed to fall back asleep instead of immediately grabbing my phone to research traveling with a toddler. I felt refreshed when I woke up at 6:30 to begin my morning. I don't like to have things linger anymore - especially not in my head. So I took some modern mom action by posting a photo on Instagram.

Amy Tangerine with Jack in the Beco Soleil

The caption reads: Hey everyone - we need your help! Next week we will be taking Jack on his first international flight to Australia. It's exciting and we are hoping for the best, but I'd love to get some tips from you about traveling with a 1.5 year old for a 15 hour flight. Also any advice (insider/local tips) for must do's while in Sydney would be greatly appreciated!

And the comments that have come in since have been wonderful! These are some of my favorites so far:

  1. roxaneapple My mom started the Traveling Angel idea with us and I continued it with my children. When boredom hits a surprise little present arrives. One idea is a set of farm animals. Give him a few at a time to create a farm and a bag to contain them could be a present too. If you give other small items in between it makes the animals exciting again.
  2. jamiewaters Lots of socks and other items that he will turn into gloves lol
  3. jlsimmons A few new things he's never played with and a few favorites. Beyond that - Stickers - you have plenty of those, right 😉 oh, and I saw someone make a toy out of a pill case - putting small items in different compartments and then rearranging. I thought that was interesting.
  4. debrajefferson Aside from the iPad :) Die cut some fun shapes in felt - animals, circles, backgrounds, alphabets, etc. bring one full piece to lay things out on during flight & you can make up stories together. It all fits in one zip lock, is flat & light so you aren't lugging tons of extras.
  5. tristahertz Putting crumpled up magazine pages in and out of the barf bag occupied my little guy for a long time on one of our trips. Best of luck!

I plan on compiling a blog post with a list of the tips we used and what worked for us after we complete the journey. If there's anything else you would like to add, please do so in the comments!