Art Opening: Jack's 5th Birthday Party!


Jack’s 5th birthday bash was a total hit! I was so excited to celebrate the occasion in style and was thrilled to collaborate with so many amazing people and companies to make the big day come together. About a month before Jack’s birthday (it really snuck up on us!) we decided on a theme since Jack is really into art. He loves going to museums and tagging along for gallery openings, so it seems fitting that we would celebrate his birthday in a similar fashion. This summer he spent a lot of time attending Art Camp LA, so I really wanted them to be a big part of the party and to handle the hands on activities. The space at Runway Playa Vista is basically empty, so everything had to be brought in. Party prep for decorations went late into the night before and set-up started bright and early at 7 am the morning of the party. Of course, it all turned out to be worth it. After all, we had amazing decorations, food, and friends to help us celebrate. There are so many amazing photos from the party taken by ographr. I also wanted to share my top tips for making a party come together.


We had so many great companies come together to make Jack’s party incredible. This Modern Art Gallery-themed Birthday party is now an Amy Tangerine #partyblueprint at Black Twine! Please follow @blacktwine for the best party inspiration and check out their website ( for easy to follow, step-by-step guides to help you throw your next amazing party! Here’s a special thanks to everyone who helped the event come together so beautifully:

ooly - art supplies + party favors

Black Twine - collaborator for decor

Art Camp LA - kids crafts and instruction

Bashery Co. - event design

Geese & Ganders - party goods

Teak & Lace - furniture

Pipsticks - party favors

Amy Cakes and Sweet Treats - cupcakes

ographr - Photography

Art Opening
Art Opening
Art Party!
Art Opening

I was so happy with the way the party turned out, especially because we only had one morning to do the actual party set-up. The pace was a little hectic, but everything came together thanks to the amazing vendors who contributed their expertise along the way.

Art Party

1. Choose a color palette and stick with it. Save it on your phone and reference it when you are buying anything. Often, you don’t have access to a space until a few days or hours before your event. Having items that fit within the color palette provides a cohesive feel.

2. Designate spaces so that your guests know where to go— especially if you’re offering multiple types of activities for various age groups. This also helps limit messes!

3. Offer finger foods! Because your guests will be mingling and talking and (in our case) watching their children all at once, you want to make sure the food you serve is easy to eat and carry on a party plate.

4. Keep the space cool. It might make party set-up a little chilly, but once guests start to filter in, it will be worth it. A vibrant even full of people will heat a room quickly. If it’s a little cold before party-goers arrive, it will easily become the right temperature and people will feel more at ease.

5. Have plenty of baby wipes handy. These are great for wiping hands and cleaning up minor messes.

6. Give yourself grace and take the help from others when it’s offered. It’s impossible to pull off something of this scale all on your own, so collaborate and have fun!

Art Opening
balloon banner | Jack's Art Party

Such a wonderful day!!

Jack's art party!
ooly goodie bag!

Our friends at ooly provided the most epic goodie bags ever so the kids would continue crafting and making art in their very own Carry-Along Sketchbook when they got home. The Zippered pouches included: Comic Attack Pencil (single) | Sweet Things Pencil (single) | Write In Style Pencil (single) | Heart To Heart Crayon (single) | Forest Friends Pocket Pals Mini Journal (single) | Comic Attack Click-it Eraser (single) | 2 Petite Sweet Ice Cream Erasers (singles) | 2 Macaron Erasers (singles) | Mighty Sharpener (single) | 2 BFF Bracelets (1 set)

Here’s a video of all of the fun on my YouTube channel as well!

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Get Messy Art Journal | Amy Tangerine

Join me in sharing your story 💓 So excited to be the guest artist for Get Messy Art Journal's season of Story. Although the season has already started, you can join and get monthly access. I’ll also be doing a FREE live webinar (available to everyone!) on June 20 at 4pm PST so be sure to sign up here for the fun! 

In ,

Altenew in a Traveler's Notebook

Blog Hop.jpg
Altenew Amy Tangerine Traveler's Notebook

So excited to be a part of the Altenew blog hop in celebration of their March release! There's fun prizes plus a giveaway for a $30 gift certificate below, so be sure to enter. If you're coming from Debby Hughes' blog and you've never been here before, welcome! I used some of the new March release products from Altenew to create a spread in my traveler's notebook.  What I love about this smaller format is that you can allot yourself a smaller amount of time and try new techniques, or just combine your favorites for a fun little spread.  There are no rules, so I tried a few of my favorites and printed out a photo from my phone using the Instax Share SP-3. When I first laid my eyes on the dotted washi tape at Creativation (video here), I could hardly contain my excitement. I used the leaf burst stencil with the Antique Gold Ink Spray on white cardstock and then cut around the design using these scissors.

Stencil_Leaf Burst Stencil

Then I began laying out the design to cover part of both pages.

Altenew Amy Tangerine
Washi Tape

I added the Leafy Garland Die cut from paper from my latest collection, Sunshine and Good Times.  For the washi tape, I just tore some of the pink and gold elements from the Watercolor Strokes roll. I finished off the journaling using a Tombow Fudenosuke pen.

Amy Tangerine and Ali Edwards Altenew

Prizes: To celebrate this release, Altenew is giving away a $50 gift certificate to SIX lucky winners! Please leave a comment on the Altenew Card Blog and/or Altenew Scrapbook Blog by Wednesday, March 14th for a chance to win. Six winners will be announced on the Altenew blogs on 3/17/2018. 

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED! A $30 Gift Certificate is also being given away here. Leave a comment and a winner will be chosen and announced on this post. CONGRATS TO KATHY R - You are the winner! We have given your email to Altenew, so look out for the GC soon!

Now hop on over to Lydia Evans' blog!

DIY Kids Art Binder

Kids Art Binder
Kids Art Binder

Since becoming a mom and being inundated with not only baby + kid gear but also plenty of paper + art, I’ve realized that I cannot save it all. My son is now in preschool and has already created a vast collection of artwork in his short four years of life. As much as I want to preserve every last bit of it, there’s just not enough room in our home to properly showcase it all. That’s where the Instax art binder comes into play!

Kids Art Binder

I recently pulled Jack’s art that we were storing in a plastic bin and gathered together all of our favorite pieces and paired them with corresponding photos of Jack creating the masterpiece or simply photographed the artwork with my phone and printed it with the FUJIFILM Instax® SHARE SP-3 SQ printer. The whole process took a few hours and minimal supplies, but the end result is a handmade book that my whole family will treasure forever. Here are some of my best tips for creating an Instax art binder:

 - Don’t overthink it. Start with your very favorite pieces of art; don’t worry about documenting your child’s entire portfolio. Grab a small handful of crafting supplies (I only used white cardstock, a large date stamp, some alphabet elements and washi tape) and limit yourself to using those items only. The key is to get it done (while having fun, of course!) so you can document your child’s masterpieces while freeing up valuable space in your home.

- Tackle the oversized. For all of those extra large or dimensional pieces of artwork that just don’t seem to fit anywhere, take a photo with your phone (in my case I am using an iPhone X) of the art in natural lighting. You could also trim the piece down to fit the parameters of the binder while still capturing the essence of your child’s creativity. Print the photo out with the Instax SP-3 printer wirelessly from your phone. Note that you’ll need to download the Instax SHARE app from iTunes or Google play. You can also edit photos or add text to the photos before printing. Back to the options for oversized pieces, the Instax printer has a “split” feature so you can get creative and print one photo on two prints! Once you have documented the art, consider using the oversize original for wrapping paper!

- Curate the best parts. One of my favorite aspects of creating an art binder is that I get to showcase my favorite elements of Jack’s artwork by cutting them out of the original and gluing them to the cardstock background paper. Then I ask Jack for a little insight into the meaning behind the art and I write down his thoughts next to each piece, if it wasn’t there already.

- Use the front and the back. You know when your child is really feeling inspired and they express their creativity on the front and backside of a single sheet of paper? That’s where the Instax comes in handy. You can take a photo of one side and then glue that side down in the book. Then you pair the photo with the reverse side of the art and now you can treasure the entire masterpiece in a single, one-dimensional space.

Kids Art Binder

- Take photos that represent the era. As much as I would love to have images of Jack creating every single piece of art, I just don’t. One of my most beloved pages features a questionnaire from Jack’s very first day of preschool that I paired with a photo of him taken on the same day. Being able to read his answers to basic questions (i.e. what’s your favorite movie?) and compare it to what he would say now is invaluable, plus his cute little baby face on the first day of school makes me swoon. If you don’t have the corresponding images to every piece of art, simply use a photo of them from that general time period and include it with the artwork. Remember that it’s more important to capture the essence of a moment rather than getting hung up on everything being exact.

Kids Art Binder
Kids Art Binder

- Make the book accessible. I love to think of my Instax art binder in the same way that I think of coffee table books; I want it to be readily available to anyone who wants to look at it.

Kids Art Binder

SUPPLIES: FUJIFILM Instax® SHARE SP-3 SQ printer | Binder | Page Protectors | Alphabet Stamps | Mega Date Stamp

This post is in collaboration with FUJIFILM, all ideas and opinions are my own. As always, my creative partners and I appreciate the support.

Latest Art Obsession!! Acrylic Pour Paintings DIY


Not sure I can explain just how obsessed I am with this technique that I recently learned. My cousin got me hooked and we made a lot of these canvases that to us, look like works of art! The process was truly amazing (although a bit messy!) and the results make us so happy. Check out the video and let me know if you try it!