Hobonichi Techo Flip Through!

Journaling in Hobonichi Techo

Recently, I've felt like I needed a change and while I love my bullet journal, I couldn't help thinking that it was taking too long to set up. So when I was at a Hobonichi class at PlannerCon in March, I totally caved and I’ve been loving it. I got the Hobonichi Techo Cousin 2018 Spring Edition in A5, which is same size as my bullet journal but the pages are already marked!

If you aren’t familiar with Hobonichi planners, they’re filled with Tomoe River Paper which is the most amazing paper. It’s like magic because it’s super thin and a bit transparent, but you can also use watercolors and markers with no bleed through.

Amy Tangerine Hobonichi

I’ve been having a really fun time stamping and pasting things into my Hobonichi. You can see that the most random things get included like the sticker to Jack's salmon sashimi from Whole Foods. If you've been following me for a while, you know I love to put in all kinds of random bits. This planner is exactly what I’ve been longing for - a place to secure all those loose items I tend to keep and let pile up for scrapbooking "one day". I use it to document my days by combining lots of different mediums and using a bunch of my supplies - win win!

Amy Tangerine Hobonichi

Watch this video to see me flip through my new planner and share some of the tips I’ve figured out along the way. 

In the video, I also mentioned my sticker book and planner pouch in case you're interested in either!

Let me know if you have any tips for keeping a Hobonichi planner or suggestions for a cover you love - it doesn’t have to be an official one! I’m still looking for the right one. 

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Testing Markers for Brush Lettering

Markers for Brush Lettering

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying brush lettering with markers so I wanted to try out a few different brands to compare them.

To test out these different markers and how they work with brush lettering, I made a video writing out example lettering swatches using each color that I can use as a reference later. For each one, I cut out a piece of American Crafts cardstock to size and taped it to the back of each package of markers. I find this super helpful when I’m looking for a specific color because it’s more true to how it will actually look than the color on the caps.

Watch this video to see how each of the markers writes and to hear my extended thoughts on working with them!

Crayola markers

I’ve seen lots of photos on instagram and pinterest of people using these classic Crayola markers from my childhood to create lovely brush lettering designs, so I wanted to try it out! It does take a bit of getting used to even though the basic principles are the same, but this is a pretty good, inexpensive option that you can find almost anywhere.

Yoobi brush pens

These Yoobi double-sided markers are fairly new to me. They’re at what I think is a pretty reasonable price point and you can buy them at Target, so that’s awesome. The colors are very vibrant and bold and the tips feel slightly stiffer than the Tombows.

Tombow dual brush pens

These are the markers I’ve been using most often lately and I have the 96 pack - there are so many colors available!

For those of you who have been wanting to start brush lettering, don’t get discouraged if you don’t like your results right away! If you spend just 15 minutes a day practicing your brush lettering with your favorite tools, you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll improve after only a few weeks. Gaining confidence with a skill like this takes practice and trying new types of markers will take some getting used to.

If you have any favorite markers that you love to use, tell me about them in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you. 

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If you're signed up for our mailing list, then you have may have already seen the news! I am SO excited to finally share my new online shop with you! It's something that I have been dreaming up for a long time, and it is finally here! There are some tees that are in a monthly kit called Fresh Squeezed Fashion as well as others you can just put right into your cart. 

Some of my amazing friends agreed to be models. Pamelyn from Bashery & Co:

And Luci from Luci's Morsels:

Of course I also had to include stamps and traveler's notebooks in the mix as well!

Amy Tangerine

I made a little video that gives a bit of background, and I am planning on doing another soon, so if you have questions or there's anything you want me to show you, please let me know in the comments. 

Thanks as always for your support for our new online shop!!


Craftcation Conference 2017

Hey friends - sorry for the radio silence. My dear friend from college got married and I got to spend some time with family and good friends in Florida. It wasn't all relaxing and chill though, as we have been working extra hard to launch our shop site and it should be live very soon! I am so excited to share the fun things we have been working on!


As you may know, I’ve been to every single Craftcation since they started and I’m always excited to go back. Each year it just seems to get better, even though it's hard to see how they could. I got to teach classes, speak on panels, and meet tons of creative people while I was there per usual. This time I even got to sign books and sat next to someone I was trying not to fangirl over!


The Blue Romper I am wearing and always get compliments on is on sale here!

Tag along on my trip and see what we made together in my latest travel video! You might even recognize some familiar faces in the crafting world including Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching, Twinkie Chan, and Robert Mahar

The dates for 2018 are up, so mark your calendars! 

Did you go to Craftcation too? Say hello in the comments! If not, tell me the last time you got creative with new friends.

Museum of Ice Cream!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Jack and I took a trip to the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles on the third day it was open! We happened to get tickets right when they went on sale in April, and I am so glad we did as it is currently sold out through June. You might recognize it as the adorable pink place that has taken over Instagram lately. We invited our friend Ann-Marie and Gillian along for the fun. I wore this skirt and received so many compliments while at the museum. Jack wore his new shoes for the first time - I have the women's version in a darker grey.

This temporary pop-up museum features ten different galleries filled with ice cream-inspired art. Pink pay phones, mint plants in chocolate soil, giant melting popsicles, 10,000 bananas hanging from the ceiling, and an ice cream sandwich swing make appearances in these bright and colorful rooms that look like they were designed to be photographed.

One of the most memorable sections of the museum is their famous swimming pool full of sprinkles! The museum designed sprinkles made of antimicrobial plastics and there are close to one hundred million of them in the pool. We ended up finding 3 of them in between Jack's toes when we got home - HA!

All along the way, they gave us little bites of different treats made to go with the art in each room! We had mint chocolate chip mochi ice cream, gummy bears, pancake ice cream sandwiches, and more.

To see more from our field trip to the Museum of Ice Cream, watch the videos I made from the day! The first is a process video showing you how I documented our trip on a layout for Simon Says Stamp in honor of (Inter)National Scrapbooking Day, which is today! Visit their blog for more of the fun.

And the second video shows you what our day was like in addition to printing the photos on my Instax Share and finishing up the layout! Watch to tag along and see all of those lovely art installations in motion:

If you’d like to see this adorable and sweet exhibit for yourself, you may still have a chance. Tickets sold out quickly, but I heard that it might be staying open longer than anticipated because it’s been so popular! Keep an eye out and maybe beg them for more tickets to be released on their website.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor and what kinds of toppings do you like? Tell me in the comments below!