Welcome to my studio!

Amy Tangerine's Studio

I moved into this space at the beginning of March. You may remember seeing my moving day video. Our original plan was to make renovations to our home and maybe even redo the studio completely. Like knock it down and build my dream studio. Well it turns out that everything not only takes longer than you think (hello permitting people!) and it costs WAY more than you think (hi architect + engineer + all your assistants). So we have taken small steps and want to renovate in stages. We have to plan properly and make sure we are allocating our money to get the most bang for our buck. Anyone know any shows that want to come redo our space?! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. 

Anyway, at the same time that we were talking about these plans and I was thinking about moving outside of the home for work, a perfect little shared opportunity came up just 10 minutes away. It's kind of two separate rooms and I ended up buying nothing additional for this space - I moved everything from the old studio (and then some) into the space. I was considering overhauling some pieces I don't like, but I am a firm believer in working with what you got. I dream of designing a studio space from scratch and only putting the things I love in, but until that day comes, this is where I do much of my work.

Photos by Jamie Waters 

You can get a much better feel for it in this video. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments - I know it's a mess and rather chaotic in certain spots, but I do get a lot of stuff done. And most of the time I know where everything is ;)