Keep on Shining! Announcing my next AC collection!

As you know, I love getting the chance to let my creative light shine and I am guessing you enjoy doing the same. That's why I’m so pleased to reveal my Shine On Collection with American Crafts. The collection is full of bright, inspiring products that will give you a little extra sunshine in your crafting!

Keep on Shining

Inspired by natural textures, some designs in the collection might remind you of warm feelings of home - wood, plants and of course florals. Hopefully, you will all be delighted to see the same Amy Tangerine look and feel paired with these unique textures and highlighted with gold foil.

Keep on Shining.jpg

Of course, let's not forget the stickers! From minimalist lettering, to faux suede bows, to bright and shiny gold botanicals— there are tons and tons of vibrant, beautiful options that will help any spread or project shoot for the stars!

Keep on Shining

My favorite piece from the collection is probably the gold metallic ruler with stencils pictured below. There are so many ways to use it and it looks incredibly cute with all my other supplies. The scalloped edges work well for drawing a pattern in your scrapbook or bullet journal. The measurement side is excellent for drawing clean lines and edges. And of course, the stencils are a great way to create little illustrations throughout your projects without having to overthink whether or not it will look good or proportional.

Keep On Shining

Be sure to keep a look out for these products in stores near the end of July. Let me know if you spot them somewhere early! What are you most excited to use from the Shine On collection? Be sure to tell me in the comments below!