Mexico City with ma familia

St. Regis drone shot

The three of us took a trip to Mexico City at the end of last year. It was our second time there and we loved it. The drone captured the shot of us in bed at the St. Regis. We loved staying there for numerous reasons. It's gorgeous, centrally located, and the service is top notch. JC found a good deal in between Christmas and New Years, and it's hard to say no to a good deal at a beautiful hotel like this one. I would say my favorite part was our butler Antonio, but really it was just spending time exploring the city and hanging out with my favorite big and (not so) little guy. Room service breakfast nearly every morning was pretty amazing too.

Had to share this gem - top photo from May 2015, bottom photo from December 2016

jack archibald

Since vlogging is one of my new favorite things, here is the video of the trip, on my YouTube channel which now has 40,000 subscribers - WHAT?! THANK YOU THANK YOU!