Hedley & Bennett knows how to party

Food wall goals

I had to post this photo on Instagram with this caption: When a lovely stranger asks if they can take a photo for you, right after your son spills ice cream on himself and you've got too many bags and melting McConnell's, you still say yes. I mean, look at this wall! Had so much fun at #hedleybturns4

It was such an awesome party where I didn't document it nearly as much as I could have - didn't vlog it, didn't take many pics, but I did share it on Instagram Story. After using it for a bit, I am thinking it's a nice way to share stuff, but I wish it had some of the fun features I like about Snapchat, like the geotag and the time stamps. Been thinking a lot recently about how much I share and the best platform to do it on. I love and appreciate the comments and dialogue that has been established on YouTube and of course here on the blog. So fun connecting with all of you in various ways. What I have come to realize though, is that sometimes it's just nice to be able to attend something, spend time with Jack and socialize a little as opposed to worrying so much about getting enough video to edit a video later or to take the perfect shot for Instagram or this blog. There's something so magical in just being present and not feeling the need to document it. It's a strange balance to strike when I love sharing so much with all of you on various platforms. Also it seems that all of this stuff is moving faster than ever and we are getting so much thrown our way, it's hard to determine how much we need to take in. 

One thing I know for sure though, is that I LOVE when I am delightfully surprised with these photos by Lily Glass in my inbox after not even knowing they were being taken! Many thanks for sending them along, MWPR - and congrats on an amazing Hedley & Bennett event!

Photos by Lily Glass