Great Wolf Lodge + crafting with kids


I was recently given the opportunity to pack up the family & spend some time at Great Wolf Lodge. It was our first trip there (and to any indoor waterpark), and wow, what an experience! Even from the very start of our stay, I was tremendously impressed. They are so high tech! Upon arrival, I got a warm text welcome from Brinley, our personal in-house assistant. How cool is that? We stayed in a family suite which was cute & cozy. It truly had the perfect cabin aesthetic with two queen sized beds and a pull out sofa. 

As far as activities went - we had a non-stop blast! Our friends came along for the adventure. The kids loved experiencing the waterpark and taking brief breaks to munch on tasty nachos. My college friend Dana even convinced me to go down a giant waterslide which was all at once nerve wracking and oh so fun. It reminded me of being a teenager as we sat in one of those figure 8 rafts and coasted down the huge tube. After we dried off we got down & boogied at the bubble party. Guys, this kiddie celebration was too cute! They played popular pop tunes while the room filled up with bubbles. Another fun adventure was playing a mystical, interactive video game where Jack and I got to wave wands & make some magic of our very own! Apparently doing the entire course can take 8 hours, so it's a wonderful thing to do over the span of a couple days. 

The meals there were delicious & extremely accommodating for those with specific dietary needs. The menu is marked accordingly so I was able to order gluten-free calamari & a gluten-free wedge salad with ease. For all of my meat eaters out there, I suggest ordering the steak. It was delicious!

After putting ourselves into a little bit of a food coma, the kids got personalized leather bracelets from a kiosk downstairs. The stand had a machine that etched the kids' names on colorful cuffs. In addition to the stuffed animals they got to see get stuffed and dressed, these were perfect souvenirs!

The next day I got the opportunity to host a craft session for a bunch of great kiddos and parents! Each participant got a pre-made design kit to help them style their very own mini traveler's notebook. All of the children took an Instax picture using the SQ10 with Wiley - the adorable, furry Great Wolf Lodge mascot - which served as the centerpiece of their project! Everyone was so creative & colorful with their individual books. It truly was a fun craft.


We ended our trip with a visit to the candy store where we got some sweet parting gifts! While our stay at Great Wolf Lodge was quick, it definitely was a memory that will last a lifetime! If you have little ones or are just young at heart I highly recommend you stop by for your very own adventure!

Thanks to Great Wolf Lodge for hosting my family for the night in exchange for leading the workshop!


Since May is National Water Safety Month, Aquatics Director at Great Wolf Lodge Southern California Wendy Rosales is sharing her top water safety tips, to spread awareness and educate families on the importance of staying safe around water. 

Nationally recognized as a leader in water safety by Ellis & Associates, a renowned international organization focused on aquatic safety, Great Wolf Lodge has safely welcomed millions of families over the years to its resorts. Whether planning a family vacation this summer to the beach, lake or waterpark, families can prepare for fun-filled time in the splash zone with these top tips: 

  • Never swim alone.  Always use the buddy system and be sure the area is well supervised by lifeguards before you or other family members enter the water. 
  • Encourage your child to wear a life jacket. Many public pools and water parks provide life jackets for your use free of charge and it’s better to be on the safe side if your child is not a confident swimmer.
  • Never assume someone else is watching your child. Even with lifeguards nearby, you have the responsibility for your child. The best way to keep your child safe is to play right alongside them.
  • Stay hydrated.  Swimming and playing takes a lot of energy, especially during the hot summer months. Drink plenty of water or sports drinks and rest in a cool location.
  • Forget the Bling.  Before heading to the beach, pool or water park, avoid swimsuits that have ties, grommets or decorations that could get caught on something during water activities.
  • Skip the flip-flops. Look for sandals with a heel strap or a full-coverage slip-on water shoe that will stay in place both in and out of the water.
  • Too much sun is no fun.  Be sure to limit your exposure during peak hours of 12pm-3pm and reapply waterproof/sweat proof sunscreen every 80 minutes.
  • Take a CPR course. Knowing these skills can be important in any environment. This is a skill we all can benefit from – on land and around water.
  • Read all of the signs before going on a waterslide, pool or attraction. Make sure your child meets the posted requirements.  If you have questions about an attraction, ask an employee at the facility.
  • Plan ahead. As a family, decide on a meeting place to go to if anyone gets separated.  Kids can take off in instant and crowded parks and beaches can make it difficult for little ones to find you.  Choose an easy-to-spot location that can be easily found by all family members.
  • If you see someone struggling in the water, call for help. Remember “Reach or Throw, Don’t Go!” Even professionally trained lifeguards don’t enter the water without having the proper flotation devices to keep themselves safe.