Fun Father's Day gift idea + discount code

Great Father's Day gift idea | Pinhole Press Board Books

Since Mother's Day comes first, it's usually a good reminder for me to figure out what to do for JC for Father's Day. In the past, we have been more about giving experiences than gifts for different occasions. Don't get me wrong, gifts are really nice and all, but we truly believe it is the thought that counts. Often we are giving random little gifts to one another throughout the year, not just around holidays. I am always about trying to find personalized presents that are meaningful, so it was perfect timing when the awesome people at Pinhole Press asked if I wanted to collaborate on some Daddy & Me board books for Father's Day. Since Jack loves the one I made for him at Christmas time, this was the perfect idea for books JC and Jack could both enjoy. Making the Daddy & Me board book rhyme was one of my goals and I'm not sure why but I get a kick out of flipping through it every time. Here it is in a little video:

I thought it would also be fun to create a memory game for Jack and JC to enjoy and play together. For my dad, I made him some magnets for their fridge. Love how simple the Pinhole Press website is to create these awesome personalized gifts. Play around with some pictures that you have living on your computer or device and get them into the hands of a dad you love. 

Receive 20% off board books at Pinhole Press with code: AMYTANGERINE through Friday, June 10 (also the last day to order in time for Father's Day delivery)!