Design On Time episode 07!

design on time

I can hardly believe we're already on our seventh episode of Design On Time. Apologies for being a bit late on posting this. I was also a little late on wishing our guest challenger a Happy Birthday last week. Any guesses on who it is? Give you a few hints - she's blazed trails in scrapbooking with her handwriting, she's blonde, and used to have a product called "bling!". 

Yup, you guessed it, it's none other than Heidi Swapp! A cool little story about one of Heidi's bestselling products from years ago. I fondly remember when I was just getting started in scrapbooking back in 2007, and I had just finished shopping and working on some pages at a local store. All of a sudden, about 40+ paparazzi flooded the stores' floor to ceiling windows, and prancing through the door comes Britney Spears. Her bodyguard managed to keep all the photographers outside while she and her cousin shopped. She filled her basket with a vintage dress and heaps of Heidi Swapp bling! I blogged about it here and still remember that a couple of the paparazzi almost got into a fight after Britney drove away because sunglasses were stomped on and broken.

Anyway, we're trying to keep our cool over here with this week's challenge. Jamie made one of my favorite layouts ever and I worked once again in my Midori Traveler's Notebook (a colored one that my mom bought me while she was in Japan - haven't been able to find it online, sorry!) doing my list challenges that I talked about in this post. Without further ado, here is episode number seven.

design on time

Jamie rocked her stenciling, love the bold statement made by this Dina Wakley stencil and the subtle floating yellow hearts from our friend Tim Holtz. I used the triangle and lines from my Brooklyn set. And we all love how Tudor's layout turned out too! He used this US map stencil. Many of you have commented how much you enjoy seeing his work. Other supplies include products from evalicious, love this morning coffee and boba set in particular. The label maker is by MoTex purchased many years ago at Urban Outfitters, but I found a similar one here.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule Heidi - we really had a great time with your challenge!

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Thank you for tuning in and for your kind comments about having a video every weekday in May on my YouTube channel! If Design On Time has inspired you to make something, please share your work using the hashtag #designontime