Beginning Your Inner Work with Heidi Stevens


If you’re feeling stuck in your 9 to 5 or you keep toying with the idea of turning your side hustle a full-time gig then this is the episode is for you. 

What does it feel like to break through the conventional path set out for you and chase after a dream? It’s very different for everyone but many people experience a certain amount of fear. After all, it isn’t easy to embrace those big unknowns in the beginning. Today I am joined by my friend, Heidi Stevens, an entrepreneur who built a 7-figure real estate business but couldn’t help but feel that something was missing. Heidi transitioned to being a soulful business coach and hasn’t looked back since. We discuss what it was like for her to transition into this new role, how she realized it was time to step out of the real estate business and the importance of setting intentions for your life.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Heidi transitioned from the real estate industry to soulful business coaching

  • Hiring a mentor to help her begin coaching

  • Merging her real estate business 

  • Realizing she had to step out of the business

  • The first steps to take to begin your inner work

  • Collaborating with other women

  • Setting intentions for your life

  • Heidi’s non-negotiables for crafting a life she loves

  • Giving yourself space and scheduling a pause

  • A quote that helps Heidi in times of challenge

  • Finding inspiration and taking action

There is so much to be gained from our conversation and if you already listened (and loved what you heard) I have good news– I was actually a guest on Heidi’s podcast The Soul of Business and you can tune into that conversation here.

Beginning Your Inner Work with Heidi Stevens

About Heidi:

Heidi Stevens is a soulful business coach for service-based creative entrepreneurs.

In her one-on-one work with clients and through her transformative Thrive program, Heidi supports women in getting clear on their strategy, up-leveling their mindset, and tuning into their spirituality.

Over the past decade, Heidi built one of the most successful real estate firms in Los Angeles, alongside Kenny, her partner in business and in life. The two grew the firm to a multiple 7-figure business, and Heidi built and trained a team of more than fifteen people. Despite her professional success, her life felt divided. During the week, Heidi was managing her team and closing deals. Then, on the weekends, she’d step into the spiritual side of herself — attending personal development workshops, working with coaches and healers, and getting her Masters in Spiritual Psychology. 

Heidi noticed that the more she leaned into meditation, mindset work, and manifestation exercises, the more successful her business became. She realized business strategy and spirituality were closely aligned and one could inform the other. Heidi wanted to help other women discover this connection and use it to strengthen and grow their businesses and create more easeful, prosperous lives.

Over the past two years, Heidi has mentored more than a hundred women through phases of concentrated growth — both through her private client work and her group program, Thrive. She has helped them find more outward success, inner harmony, and overall growth.

Connect with Heidi:

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