Sharing Your Story With Alisa Burke


As creatives, many of us are waiting for our “big break”. Today I am joined by Alisa Burke, a painter and mixed media artist who seeks to infuse creativity into every part of her life. Alisa shares why you should let go of the expectation of a “big break” and instead work toward the small steps that add up to greatness over time. We chat about using lists to tackle tasks our day to day lives, the importance of listening to your gut and what she does to build an authentic presence online. You’ll hear about how she became resilient, the empowerment that comes with sharing your story and how she keeps things simple in her creative business.

What’s in this episode:

  • Growing up in a creative environment

  • Working day jobs while hustling with her art on the side

  • Letting go of the expectation of a “big break”

  • Learning that the small steps add up the most over time

  • How Alisa handles the chaos

  • How creativity can be overwhelming in your business 

  • Using lists to tackle and accomplish things in her day

  • Her daily routine as a creative business owner

  • Having an idea about teaching art at an affordable price

  • Listening to her gut 

  • The differences between her classes and free videos

  • Keeping things simple in her business

  • Building an authentic online presence and community

  • Figuring out what you like rather than your mentors or teachers like

  • Incorporating children into creativity 

  • How her miscarriages have made her more resilient

  • Healing and working through her grief

  • The empowerment that comes through sharing your story

  • A mantra that helps Alisa through her journey

  • Understanding that good things take time

About Alisa:

Alisa Burke is a freelance painter and mixed media artist who studied fine art at Portland State University. With a background in painting and printmaking, a desire to explore and push materials, Alisa is always looking for new ways to break the rules and redefine art.  She draws inspiration from street art, graffiti, art history and fashion and it is not uncommon to find her digging through the trash in hopes of recycling something unique to use in her artwork.

If she’s not making art in her Oregon Coast studio, you can find painter and mixed media artist Alisa Burke blogging, teaching art workshops or creating her handmade accessories. Whether it's running her creative business, being a mom or adventuring outdoors, she is always looking for inspiration. From drawing, painting and even the way she raises her daughter, Alisa seeks to infuse creativity into every part of her life.

Connect with Alisa:

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