48 Hour Vegan Challenge!

Lauren Toyota and Amy Tangerine

A couple weeks ago, Lauren Toyota from Hot For Food stayed in our guest house. Although I had just met her in Chicago at the end of April when we were both on a panel at Google Chicago, it felt like we had known one another much longer than 2 months. Lauren showed up to our house on Monday morning and I decided pretty much on the spot that I would try to eat vegan for a day. I had only had a green smoothie (we don't use any dairy in our smoothies, just fruits, veggies and juice) and black coffee. I've been consciously trying to eat healthier - I had some health issues in April that threw me off quite a bit and I wasn't working out. I'm trying to eat a more plant based diet, although I don't have any intentions of becoming a vegetarian anytime soon. I'm always up for challenges that are fun and since Lauren offered to cook at least one meal for us, I knew I could probably pull off 24 hours. I also wanted to learn about healthier options and substitutions and test my willpower to prove to myself that I could do it. So grateful to Lauren for so many things - we had an awesome time with her here. We worked in the studio, went out for some meals, ate amazing dinners t home and just hung out. It was awesome having her and Jack took quite a liking to her as well. I took a lot of video but hardly any photos. Trust me, everything we ate was SO good. And I am definitely choosing to have hazelnut milk with my coffee when it's available. Check out whether or not I survived being vegan for 48 hours in this video...

I'm also going to be checking out more of Lauren's recipes because she claims it's all easy and since I know for a fact it was all delicious, maybe we will start having a couple vegan meals a week. You can see the video of what she ate in LA. You can also watch us making her tee shirt and her trying out crafting in the studio here.