Filling Your Life With Color With Stephanie Smokovich


If you feel like your life is weighed down by stress, then you will want to hear this episode. 

Today on the podcast, I am joined by Stephanie Smokovich, the founder of Bella BLVD, a scrapbooking company specializing in beautifully designed patterned papers and stickers. 

In January 2018, Stephanie was confronted with a brain cancer diagnosis. From this diagnosis, she was faced with the difficult task of reducing stress and work in her life. It was then that she made the difficult decision to let go of the business side of Bella BLVD to focus on the art and design portion she initially fell in love with. Stephanie partnered her business with Doodlebug and continues to work as the Creative Director. 

We discuss how her brain tumor changed her mindset and perspective on life, how she fills her life with color, and how she came up with the idea for her event, She Loves Color. We also chat about transitioning to working less, how to reduce stress in your life and the mantra that Stephanie lives by. 

What’s in this episode:

  • What is going on right now in Stephanie’s life

  • Discovering she had a brain tumor

  • How that diagnosis has changed her perspective and mindset

  • Filling her life with color 

  • What kind of scrapbooking Stephanie enjoys to do

  • What inspired Stephanie to start scrapbooking

  • How She Loves Color came about

  • Creating an environment where women could support each other

  • Showcasing other women in the creative industry

  • How Stephanie crafts a life that she loves

  • Transitioning to working from home and working less

  • What Stephanie recommends to help people reduce stress

  • The process of partnering with Doodlebug

  • The mantra that Stephanie lives by

From Stephanie:

The truth about me is that I have loved scrapbooking since the very first day I walked into a local store; I met the owner, and was hired the same day! Attending fine arts classes during the day, and teaching scrapbooking workshops at night became part of my daily college routine. After earning an expensive Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design I moved out of state to follow my love for art and design. After two years I returned home to Wisconsin with bigger dreams: Shortly thereafter, Bella Blvd was born (2008).

Fast forward to January of 2018: Life certainly changed for me when the doctors informed me that I have brain cancer-needless to say, it put a whole lot of things into perspective. The doctors recommend working much less and reducing stress in my life. While Bella Blvd brings me so much joy, it also comes with it's fair amount of stress. Therefore, I made a tough decision to choose life and to let go of all the business side of Bella Blvd. As of January 2019 Doodlebug will be maintaining all of the company's day-to-day operations. I will continue to be involved on the art and design levels and am so thankful to have found Cynthea and her team to partner with!

After attending the Inspired Retreat in Nashville in May of 2016, the She Loves Color Event was born. The mission is to inspire, connect and customize. We aim with the event to support each other and allow color to energize us. We've designed the event to allow women to do what they love, meet new friends and offer a manufacture focused event. As the owner of Bella Blvd it's important to me the we not only recognize the Educators, but also the companies that are behind the faces. 

Connect with Stephanie:

Instagram | Bella BLVD Instagram | She Loves Color Instagram | Bella BLVD Website


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