The fruits of our labor


Plans for the long weekend include this đź’“â €

We will also: â €

• be home⠀

• go out⠀

• see friends⠀

• read books⠀

• make stuff⠀

• play⠀

• go to a park⠀

• swim⠀

• eat yummy food⠀

• lay around⠀

• plan Jack’s 6th birthday party⠀

• try not to work⠀

• try not to play Disney Emoji Blitz too much⠀

• breathe⠀

• observe⠀

• reflect⠀

• be present⠀

• have fun⠀

Let’s take time to enjoy and savor the fruits of our labor. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 💓 What’s one thing you’ll be doing?