Brush Lettering Workshop is back!

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Exciting news. We’re back! After a bit of a hiatus to focus on many other projects, I am so pleased to announce that my modern brush lettering course is back by popular demand! So many of you have been asking about learning brush lettering and we have decided to re-release it for a limited time! It’s totally self-paced and available here. The course is something I worked hard to create a few years ago (here’s the blog post from the initial launch) and now, I’m so happy to say that you can now access all the videos and downloadable workbook once again. (If you have already purchased the course, then you will be able to access it again using the same links and logins as before.)

Many of you ask about my handwriting and want to know how I developed my style. The short answer is practice, practice, practice. The longer answer is that handwriting is all about muscle memory, which means that anyone (yes YOU) can have amazing handwriting. Now, you may not be sure how much to practice or where to even begin, which is where my class comes in handy. (Get it?!) The best part is that you don’t have to wait until I come teach an event somewhere nearby. You can start learning as soon as you complete your purchase. All you need to have is a wifi connection and a little spare time on your hands. Why not make this month or this summer a time for learning a new skill?

Before you get started, I need you to make a commitment right now– let go of any negative self talk or perfectionism. There are so many different approaches and styles when it comes to hand lettering and brush script. In this class, I go over techniques for forming letters with the tools that will help you create and define a style that’s all your own. You’ll learn the basics and how to gain confidence using my favorite supplies. You aren’t going to walk away with perfect handwriting right away, but you will have a better defined sense of your own style and maybe a new approach. So, what are you waiting for?!? Better lettering is just a few clicks away!


Also - For three days only, when you buy a DreamBox, (you already know how much I love mine - here’s a video) you’ll get a free crown ($300 value) plus free shipping! Use my code AMYTANGERINE10 and the first 10 people will also receive a free ScrapMaBox accessory too!