Embracing Your Emotions with Randy Taran


Exciting news! For my most recent episode of the podcast, I was joined by Randy Taran, Founder and CEO of Project Happiness, an organization dedicated to reaching at least 10 million people with their message of kindness, happiness and empathy. Randy’s entire business and career are centered around one of the most vital ingredients for a fulfilling life: happiness. Randy and I chat about embracing emotions, how it can help your creativity and learning to honor and move past negative emotions. We also discuss her new book, Emotional Advantage and her favorite part about writing it. Best of all, her book just launched today!

Please feel free take a listen to the episode when you get a chance. In the meantime, here are three highlights from the conversation:

Embracing Your Emotions with Randy Taran
  1. Let yourself feel emotions – even the bad ones. I recently watched the Pixar movie, Inside Out with Jack on a plane ride. I know I’m a little late to the game but it was incredibly powerful to watch a young girl come to terms with the fact that we experience a full spectrum of emotions in life, both good and bad, and that’s okay. Randy and I talked about the same thing, but with fewer magical creatures and imaginary friends.

  2. Avoid getting bogged down in replaying a bad experience or feeling. Randy provided several strategies to help a person move forward after fully experiencing a feeling. So often, we fall in the trap of not feeling fully present to what it is in front of us. Our minds can take us on a wild ride. The unknown is scary for people and we’d rather not confront that. Let yourself feel a thing (bad or good) and then move on.

  3. If you are stuck on a feeling, here are some solutions! Randy explained that often the remedy to getting over bad feelings is to move them into the body. Take the time to breath! Do a little yoga or even go for a short walk outside. As we feel more grounded and aware of where we are physically, it can help put our emotions in perspective.

I had an incredible time talking with Randy and reading her book. I think there’s a lot to be gleaned from our conversation and her writing. You can even find out how she got the Dalai Lama to write the foreword to Emotional Advantage. So amazing!!

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