The 4 Ps of a Happy Life with Stephanie Fleming


Using a planner is a game changer when it comes to figuring out your plans, goals and how to take action to make them happen.

Today I am chatting with Stephanie Fleming, co-founder of me & my BIG ideas®, the creators of The Happy Planner®. Stephanie is on a mission to create a Happy Life movement, empowering people to take control of their own happiness. We chat about the 4 Ps of planning a happy life which includes purpose, planning, positivity and persistence. She also shares the importance of being intentional and giving yourself permission to explore who you are.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Stephanie got started with her business

  • Why they created the Happy Planner

  • Where they came up with their tagline

  • Taking charge for what you want in life

  • Getting to know yourself and being clear on what you want 

  • Taking a look at whole life wellness

  • Sharing your inner work with friends and family

  • Giving yourself permission to explore who you are and what you want

  • Knowing and loving the products that she creates

  • The non-negotiable that Stephanie needs in her day

  • Being intentional and taking control over your life

  • Learning to pick yourself back up

  • Mastering persistence, not perfection

  • What happened when they quadrupled the size of their business

  • Why Stephanie and her family decided to bring in outside investors

  • The changes that have happened in her business

  • The 4 Ps of planning your way to happiness

  • How Stephanie crafts a life that she loves through creativity

  • Pausing and figuring out what makes you tick

About Stephanie:

Stephanie Fleming is a creative entrepreneur, speaker, optimist and wellness seeker. Most notably, she is the co-founder of me & my BIG ideas®, creators of The Happy Planner®. What began 20 years ago as a tiny, garage-based business is now an industry-leading lifestyle brand that offers a wide variety of products that inspire customers to LIVE CREATIVELY® and PLAN A HAPPY LIFE®!

It’s Stephanie’s mission to create a Happy Life movement by empowering people everywhere to take control of their own happiness by embracing planning, positivity and all things creative!

Connect with Stephanie:

Website | Happy Planner Instagram | Happy Planner Youtube | Personal Instagram


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