Shine on- in Stores Now!

I’m so excited to share my brand new collection with you! It’s called “Shine On.” This is my 15th collection with American Crafts - can you believe it? It’s been such a fun journey to create this set of products and I know using them will bring a bright smile to anyone’s face. This collection features muted tones (mint green, soft mauve, darkened lavender) and bright gold accents. It’s a beautiful combination of craft-room staples and unique stand-out pieces. Soft botanicals, cute woodland creatures, and geometric patterns all make appearances in Shine On. You can find this collection at your local scrapbook store or here online. There are so many amazing items in this collection– you should check out the whole thing or watch the video where I cover each individual item. For this post, I'm highlighting 3 amazing products that you should be sure not to miss!

Keep on Shining

1. We have a beautiful set of 8 unique washi tapes with a variety of widths and textures. There are some fun patterns, a glitter tape, and more standard sized tapes. There’s a thicker one with a black and white camera pattern, perfect for pages or spreads with pictures. And there’s a cute sparkly thin gold roll that will accent anything you stick it to and the best part is that the glitter will not rub off! 

Keep on Shining

2. As always, I’ve included a beautiful little sticker book. There are 419 individual stickers. Many of them have clear backing and will fit into any paper project. Some of them are hard to see on camera and even in person because they are actually printed in white. The collection also includes some beautiful die cuts. They come in matte, gold, and craft styles. They feature hand-lettering in white and gold colors.

Keep On Shining

3. One of my favorite *new* items from the collection is this golden stencil ruler. There are a ton of shapes you can trace, it’s great for creating short, perfectly straight lines and you can even create a cute little scalloped pattern with the other side of the ruler. 

So, what’s your favorite part of the collection? Be sure to let me know in the comments and give this video a thumbs up. Thanks as always for watching. Hope you feel inspired to keep the creative juices flowing and I cannot wait to see what you create with Shine On! Keep shining friends!