The New Pipsticks+Workman Collection – 3 Favorites

Planner 2019 Picture.jpg

Look out world— there's a fun, bright a new collection on our hands! This one is a collaboration with Pipsticks+Workman and I want to go ahead and share 3 things that really excited me about it when I first received the package in the mail. After all, who doesn’t just love getting new supplies for their planners, scrapbooks and journals?!

Dreaming in Color.png


Dreaming in Color - This sticker book is perfect for those moments when you create a spread and just need to add something cute but you don’t quite know what that might be… The book has all the cutest things: unicorns, lipstick, french toast with adoring eyes— even some balloon animals and cassette tapes. 

Building My Empire 19-Month Planner - I’m not just highlighting this because it has a beautiful little rainbow with the coolest typewriter on the cover, but that also doesn’t hurt. This planner is perfect for long-term goals and events. Sometimes, it’s good to have a product that spans beyond the shorter term bullet journal or Hobonichi. 

Building My Empire 2019.png

Big Ideas Inside - If you’re anything like me, you never know when inspiration is going to strike. But what if you’re far away from your work space or have no time to actually get started? The struggle to write an idea down before it gets away is made so much easier when you have a designated place to put it. That’s where this idea pad for creative thinkers comes in. It has plenty of pages to fill with ideas, but it’s small enough for you to slip in your bag or purse while you’re on the go. There are also a ton of stickers to brighten up your scribbles.  


Big Ideas Inside.png

There are so many other awesome products in this collection, not just the ones I’ve talked about here. So, which of the three would you feel excited to use? Be sure to let me know in the comments!