Do all the good you can.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Carrie, who lives in Houston, reached out to me about a series idea for her blog, WEAR+WHERE+WELL. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with some really cool opportunities and projects lately (as you probably have figured out by my lack of posts) but I had to say yes to her for a number of reasons. First, she is doing amazing things for her hometown of Houston after the devastating hurricane. She has this great post about how you can continue to help. Second, even though I have loved my Motivational Monday series, I think it's time to move onto something else. Sometimes giving up on something doesn't make it a failure (I used to think this), but instead I now believe that giving up allows you ample room to recharge, grow and evolve. Love the twist she is putting on this and since she is serious about her blog and content and has similar values that resonate, I thought it would be a great opportunity to letter whatever quotes her team sent over. Here's the first in the series, and if you read nothing else today, I think Julie's words on WEAR+WHERE+WELL are incredibly moving and true. As is this quote:

Amy Tangerine for Wear Where Well