Back in April, I hosted a party at Urbanic Paper Boutique and I knew that I wanted to have a super cute and colorful photo backdrop at the entrance! I had a bunch of ideas going into it including a watercolor floral design as my inspiration, so I gathered the materials, set up my camera, and got started.

To make this, I used a plain white backdrop with a stand, fabric markers (here are some black ones and some colorful ones), balloons, and I tried out a few ways to attach them together (string, fishing line, rubber cement, and a low heat glue gun).

When choosing a stand for your photo backdrop, consider the height you’ll want! This one is a little too short, but fine for sitting. If you need a taller one, try this 8 foot version! You could also try either a fabric backdrop or a paper backdrop depending on your needs.

Lay out the backdrop on the floor. 

Place something underneath to catch any ink that bleeds through. Iron out any folds in the fabric!

Draw flowers on the backdrop using fabric markers.

If you want to learn to draw flowers and leaves, I can't recommend this book enough - it’s called Botanical Line Drawing.

Hang it up and add finishing touches.

When you’re happy with your hand-drawn designs, set up the stand and hang your backdrop so you can get a better idea of how it will look.

Inflate your balloons, then tie the knotted parts together to form clusters. 

I tried out a bunch of different methods for this - stitching the tied ends with fishing line, gluing them together using rubber cement, tying them together with string, and using a low heat hot glue gun.

Optional: Add paper details to the clusters! 

We cut out a bunch of differently shaped paper grasses and flowers to test things out, but ended up choosing the plain green grasses and sticking them into the balloon clusters.

Set it up at your party.

Once you’ve moved your backdrop to the location where you want it to be set up, tie the balloon clusters to the stand.

Pose and say cheese! 

I pulled a bench in front so we could take seated photos at the entrance to the party.

Where would you set up a photo backdrop like this? Do you have any fun events coming up where a photo booth installation like this would look super cute? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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