DIY Happy Spring Card - Easy Watercolor Resist Technique

I know it's been Spring for some time now, but I couldn't resist showing you how to make a pretty watercolor greeting card that uses a super easy technique. You can use it to write anything you’d like, but mine is going to say, “Happy Spring!”. 

Watch this tutorial video to see how I made this lovely springtime card using a easy resist technique! 

1. Paint your message onto the card using Pebeo Drawing Gum, which is a masking fluid. 

Whatever you paint with this will stay white as long as you make sure that you have enough coverage. Feel free to add any other little details as well - I painted some little flowers to fill in some of the blank space!

2. Let it dry. 

I let mine sit for about 20 minutes until the drawing gum was dry to the touch.

3. Paint over the whole card.

I used horizontal strokes and an ombre effect by blending the colors together, but you can do this any way you want. As long as you’ve covered the whole design from earlier and choose colors that aren’t too close to white, your message should be readable. I mostly just played with the paints until I liked the way it looked!

4. Once the paint has dried, remove the Pebeo Drawing Gum with an eraser. 

Gently rub the eraser on your design so the masking fluid comes off. Take your time peeling it off if you’re a perfectionist; mine stuck to the paper in a few places whenever I rushed too much.

My favorite part is getting to see the resist effect taking shape as you remove the drawing gum. It’s kind of therapeutic! And once you’ve finished, you’ll be left with a lovely watercolor resist card.

What I love about this project is that it’s so simple, you can really just have fun and enjoy the process! I hope that you do too. If you’re inspired to make a card using this technique, be sure to tag it #amytangerine on Instagram. I’ll choose some of my favorites to feature in a future blog post! 

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