When All Your Sticker Dreams Come True


Growing up one of my favorite things to collect were stickers. In fact, I managed to stick them everywhere yet also hoard them too. Now I make it a point to really use my favorite supplies instead of saving them. So excited about these sticker books which are really like a best hits of our favorite stickers from our most recent collections. Although to be honest, the photo of me on the packaging isn't ideal, as it's a jumping shot from my Instagram profile, but it just looks like my hair is doing something funny (HAHA), I am SO pleased with the stickers and cannot wait to show you a video flip through of it this weekend!

Amy Tangerine Sticker Book! Over 1400 stickers
Amy Tangerine's traveler's notebook

Here's a little sneak peek of a project in my traveler's notebook where I printed the photo with my Prynt Pocket. Excited to collect more of these books as mine alone has nearly 1500 stickers in it! My plan is to stick them on my planner pages, scrapbook layouts and of course more traveler's notebooks. I'll share more soon, but in the mean time would love to see if you've found these sticker books at a store near you - let me know!