Best Laid Plans

The best laid plans often go, well, not quite as you planned them. After just over 6 months in the new studio, some changes are ahead. Long story short, the studiomates I share the space with (who were there for two years before I moved into the spot someone else moved out of) want to go leave sooner than Feb 2017. Like the end of the month soon. It's not ideal news or timing considering I feel like I just shared my Studio Tour video several weeks ago. In any case, it's all good and we will go with the flow. They will be moving into a space that's smaller that I could share with them but it's not in a location I am in love with. So unless things change quickly and something comes up in the next couple weeks, I think I am going to be moving back to my old studio behind our house. Renovations haven't happened and who knows when they will, so for now that is what's going on here. I'm rolling with it and taking it as a sign I really need to purge and only bring back into the studio what I love. I have already gotten rid of the shelf I didn't like on craigslist and I am starting to feel really good about evolving from a hoarder to the minimalist I have so long aspired to be. Honestly I will likely find some happy medium in between and hopefully my sweet spot. 

So things feel pretty chaotic right now, but I am doing my best to focus. There's a HUGE project I have been working on that I cannot wait to share with you very soon. One of these days I promise to have a new planner video up, but for now I'm just excited about the newest addition to the studio - the We R Memory Keepers typewriter. I agonized for a while whether to get it in black or pink, but I think I made the right choice for me. Video of the unboxing and playing with it to come soon. 

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