Vidcon Vlog is up!

It was an amazing experience being a featured creator at VidCon this year. It was my second time attending and was filled with a lot of fun moments that I tried to capture to share with you here. It was also really cool meeting some of you in person! I've been thinking a lot about the wonderful and supportive DIY community as a whole - here's the first comment in my vlog video from Lindsay MalloyYay! This is exciting for DIY creators on YouTube! So happy to see you as a big part of VidCon! :) Love everything you do!

Thanks so much, Lindsay! Although I know the comments section of YouTube videos can be scary and often full of negativity, I have found that in over a year of posting consistent videos on my channel, that over 99% of my audience reacts and comments in a positive and supportive way. And I really appreciate that so much more than I could ever express in words on in a video. So thank you thank you for helping make this journey in online video not so intimidating, but instead so welcoming and wonderful. One of my favorite parts of making these videos is to share the things I am doing and making with you. Because it would be impossible to teach classes and go all around the world to meet every single one of you, I love that we've been able to connect through this blog and through videos. It's so much more enjoyable making these videos knowing that you all get something out of it too.  We are really all in this together. And the more positivity we can spread, the better our little part of the (DIY/crafting/creative) world will be!

Vidcon DIY panel

I moderated the DIY panel on Saturday morning. It was a full house with only standing room only. It blew us all away that there were so many people there for How DIY Brings Community Together.  Though I had only thought of getting it recorded after the fact, thankfully Karen Kavett got the nearly hour long panel on video .

Thanks so much for coming along for VidCon 2016! I hope to finish my little book in the next month or so and I plan on posting that too!