April Favorites video

Put together a Favorites video - the last one I did was in January! It has been a heck of a few months, so I guess that's why. I promise to put one of these together every month. It seems like many of you are enjoying them. Although I don't like to address the negativity on the internet, it seems like this video had a lot of quick thumbs downs right away. It was as if some people who are subscribers were notified the video went live and then watched it and didn't like it. I try not to go down the rabbit hole of questioning what they didn't like about it - if I don't like a video, I simply don't watch it. But I guess that's just me! Also, if there's some constructive criticism I could use for improving my videos, I always welcome those. I was having an audio and lighting issue as we were getting adjusted to the new studio, and there were a couple comments on that - which I absolutely appreciated! I try and abide by this philosophy and this one is awesome too.