The Pep Talk Generator

We are big on positive messages and vibes around here, in case you didn't notice. I often get asked how I maintain such a positive, upbeat attitude. For the most part I think of myself as an optimist. This hasn't always been the case (especially during those super moody teenage years), and it's something I actually need to practice every day. Yes, I have to consciously practice being optimistic and positive. Sure, there are things that bug me and bad things that happen, but I try my best to look on the brighter side of life. Sometimes I am hard on myself and end up wasting a lot of time worrying or feeling bad about something instead of just acknowledging it and moving on. I can be quick to dismiss things though, which is another thing I have to practice on a daily basis. The ability to let go of the negative can be as powerful as focusing on the positive. 

I was excited when Kara Haupt asked me to be a part of her new project with Babe Vibes, the Pep Talk Generator. It's so awesome to think that this can be just what you might need when you're feeling a bit unsure of yourself. And it was a bit surreal seeing that Time used my quote for this piece. And Seventeen featured my quote as well!

Amy Tangerine Pep Talk

There's some darn good advice being offered by some inspiring ladies, and I am pretty psyched to be one of the many contributors to this awesome project. Check it out.