Brushing with Vanity Planet is fun!

Great electric toothbrush for kids

When Jack got his teeth around 7 months old, I used a finger brush to brush his tiny little teeth. Then when more started to come in we used the banana brush, and then my dentist gave me a toothbrush with Tigger on it that he's been using for a few months. He only brushes with water and lately he has been finicky about brushing every night since he's in a "no no no" phase currently, which seems to be the answer for a lot of things. But one thing we noticed was when he saw us using our electric toothbrushes to brush our teeth, he wanted to use them. Since ours are a bit on the heavy side for a toddler, I was thinking about getting him his own smaller version. The only ones I could find looked like toys with characters on them, which is totally fine, but I was searching for one that he would think was actually ours. Right around the same time, an email came from Vanity Planet offering to send me some things for review. This toothbrush is one of the items I chose. And it turns out to be a huge hit with this little guy.

Best electric toothbrush for kids
Best electric toothbrush for kids

For myself, I got the Spin For Perfect Skin Brush. Because I already have a facial brush, I was still intrigued by this because of all the attachments that come with it. I have been using the body brush (that's what is pictured below) and it makes me feel like I'm experiencing a spa treatment with every shower. My only wish is that it was rechargeable (it uses regular batteries) like Jack's toothbrush.

Body Brush

Disclaimer: I was sent these products in exchange for a post, but as always, all opinions are my own. Even the ones where I try and tell you how Jack is feeling. But I think it shows that he genuinely loves his new toothbrush.

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